Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mike Gibbons for Missouri Attorney General!

State Senator Mike Gibbons spoke last night at our county's Republican Central Committee meeting. I had never met or heard him speak before and I was very impressed.

Background & Experience:
--Lifelong resident of Kirkwood
--Elected to the Kirkwood City Council in 1986
--Served 8 years as Missouri State Representative
--Serving his 2nd term as Missouri State Senator
--Leader of the Missouri Senate
--Named 2005 Child Advocate of the Year

Accomplishments by Republicans in the Legislature and in the Governor's office:
The liberal media has not been kind to Governor Matt Blunt and the Republican legislature. Yet, Gibbons pointed out that Missouri is one of only 10 states right now that is financially sound. All of this was done without tax increases. In fact, taxes were cut four times.

Many of the critics have been upset about the "cuts" that were made to Medicaid. The reality is that Medicaid was on the verge of collapse until it was reformed. Medicaid helped children, the disabled, pregnant women, the elderly and able bodied adults. So, who was cut? The able bodied adults. Also, recipients were told that their status would be checked and verified for eligibility. So, many didn't come back, knowing that they weren't eligible.

What he will do as Attorney General:
1) Justice--People first, not politics, rule of law and a level playing field for all.

2) Cyber Crimes Unit

3) Protecting Missourians--
"I will work to wipe out meth labs because of the terrible harm meth can do to people. I will expand the Crime Victims' Division to make sure victims, especially those of sexual assault and domestic violence, feel safe to seek to justice. And I will restore openness and integrity to the office by making sure we are open and transparent when it comes to public records and hiring outside attorneys and by refusing to solicit or accept campaign contributions from anyone the office is investigating or prosecuting."
This is the first in a series I will be doing. I hope to post conservative profiles of many of the Missouri Republican candidates, so, stay tuned.

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