Friday, October 17, 2008

Meeting Newt Gingrich!

"The keys [to implementing real change] are iron will, enormous discipline, and cheerful persistence. Those traits can change history."--Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich has occasionally disappointed me in the past. However, recently he has been scoring big points with me. I've been very impressed with his Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less campaign. Conservatives have been trying in vain to get the common sense message of drilling out for years. Newt found a powerful way to communicate that message, and it has resonated with the American people. He also made my week when he passionately defended Sarah Palin's experience to be VP. So, I was excited to get to meet him and hear him speak when he came to KC yesterday.

Its always interesting what your first impression is of famous people when you meet them in person. When I met Bush, I noticed his charisma and that he was shorter than I expected him to be. When I met John Ashcroft, he was just as genuine and humble in real life as I had always perceived him to be. When I met Newt, he seemed real and down to earth and older than how he looks on Tv.

I am not only a political junkie but I also love history. As he began to speak, it was obvious that he used to be a History Professor. He basically gave a fascinating history lecture on how he overcame the odds to become a U.S. Congressman and eventually was instrumental in the Republicans coming back to power in 1994.

It was probably a boost for many of us, as he talked about how McCain could win in an upset, like Harry Truman. I found this quote on Harry Truman interesting:
"He confounded all predictions to win re-election in 1948, largely due to his famous Whistle Stop Tour of rural America."
It would be against the Drive By Media predictions for McCain to win and it would be due to his star VP and her large crowds, IMHO. We shall see. To be honest, I think Bush is more Truman like than McCain, but there are some similarities.

Newt went on to talk about the hostile news media that McCain and Palin are up against. He pointed out that all 4 of the debates were obviously run by pro-Obama moderators. They were not neutral.

Newt hammered home several times that McCain needs to pick an issue and run with it. Newt's opinion is that McCain should constantly remind people that they have a choice. You can either pick a Presidential team that thinks they are smarter than you and will take your money and redistribute it. Or, you can pick a Presidential team that cuts your taxes and reins in spending so that you can have more of your own money.

Since this was a fundraiser for Sam Graves, his final charge was for those of us in the audience to send out an email to all of our friends and encourage them to support Graves. He was convincing!

My favorite phrases through it all were, "cheerful persistence" and "strategically optimistic". In fact, if you google "cheerful persistence", Newt's name comes up. I'm an optimist myself, so I think those are great phrases to live by, in any facet of life. Getting to hear him speak really inspired me to put some of his books on my "to read" list.

As I was thinking about him, I see some similarities between him and Karl Rove. They have both been very successful, which is why they have been so demonized by the Drive By Media. They are also both extremely intelligent men that know how to navigate well in the political realm. I think they both will be a force to be reckoned with for many years to come.

I took some pictures at the event but the lighting was bad. A friend of mine is trying to lighten it up so that hopefully I can post it soon.

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