Friday, September 12, 2008

Crazy Busy Smorgasbord!

"It's not bad to wear a promise ring because not everybody, guy or girl, wants to be a slut."--Singer Jordin Sparks

Life is insanely busy right now and I'm trying to find time to get caught up on everything. So I decided to throw some links in here on what I've been paying attention to and some of whats going on in my life.

1) I'm extremely proud of Jordin Sparks!! Most of us have better things to do than spend time watching the MTV awards. So, likely you missed the foul mouthed jerk that hosted them this past Sunday. Russell Brand is unknown here (shocker) but apparently is a celebrity in the UK (another shocker). He was so offensive throughout the night that even the MTV audience booed him.

He mocked and insulted the Jonas Brothers several times, because they've chosen to be a great role model for teens by wearing promise rings. He implied that if the U.S.A. didn't vote for Obama, we were racists. He called Bush a retarded cowboy and made fun of Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol.

My daughter watched them and was disgusted. She was the one who told me that Jordin Sparks (an 18 year old girl) was the only one brave enough to stand up to Brand. When she came on stage she said, "It's not bad to wear a promise ring because not everybody, guy or girl, wants to be a slut." Kudos to Sparks, who I must remind you was my kids and I's favorite for American Idol the year she won. When asked about it later, Sparks said that "somebody had to do it" and she was more than happy to put him in his place. For the record, the Jonas Brothers aren't the only ones with promise rings. Jordin, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez also wear them. It looks like we still have a few positive role models left.

2) The Palins Mix Family and Politics --This is a post written by Chelsea from Reflections of a Paralytic. It gives a neat insight into how Palin juggles her career and her kids. I'm fascinated at how Palin does seem to be able to mix the two together so well. I also respect her husband for being willing to take time off from his job to help her with the kids. They are a special family.

Chelsea also found the neat video above of Piper wetting down Trig's hair during Palin's speech at the RNC. It truly is a priceless moment seen by the world. Even Rush talked about how sweet he thought it was.

3) I love Dennis Miller!--He is so far from being politically correct. I link to the video of his Miller Time segment on O'Reilly. He weighs in on the lipstick pig incident, on how Obama screwed up picking Biden and his thoughts on OJ (which I loved).

4) Prison Break is back, and better than ever!! The first season was gold, but seasons 2 & 3 didn't quite measure up. Season 4 has started out really well, especially since they brought Sarah back from the dead. A lot of us were really ticked that they killed her off.

5) I finished the HBO series on "John Adams", based on the book by David McCullough! I did a review of the book on Cd awhile back. I was looking forward to watching the DVDs and comparing the two. I had mixed feelings about it, but I will dedicate a whole post to reviewing it later.

6) I finished "Because They Hate"! It is my second book this year that I am going to classify as a "must read" for everyone. Brigitte Gabriel tells her own compelling life story, and then warns about the danger of Islamic terrorism.

7) I have been collecting some good articles on Sarah Palin. I will list the links below, the first three are by Jonah Goldberg:

--McPalin Rattles Team Obama
--Palin Bashing Press Keeps Swinging and Missing
--The New Life of the Grand Old Party
--The Four Stages of Conservative Female Abuse

8) The KC Star's editorial page bashed Sarah Palin immediately after McCain announced that he had picked her. I was pretty ticked off about it so I wrote a letter to the editor: and the Star printed it. A copy of the letter is below:
Palin a thrilling choice

I was irritated by The Star’s editorial (8/30) questioning Gov. Palin’s readiness. The first chance The Star’s editorial board has to comment on Palin, and it is negative.

I am a loyal Republican but up until McCain picked Palin, I wasn’t even sure I could vote for him. Since the pick, the conservative base (myself included) has become energized. I will now vote and campaign for him. She has eight years of executive experience, which is eight years more than Obama. She is in charge of Alaska’s National Guard, giving her military experience.

Liberals may try to demonize Palin, but conservative Republicans are ecstatic about her. During the past several days McCain has raised $10 million. I think it’s clear that a lot of people are excited about her being put on the ticket.

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