Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Problems Come in Threes?

Two weeks ago my van broke down, and our mechanic was backed up so he couldn't get to it right away. I had to cope without a van for 6 days, then, when we got it back, it broke down again. I got it back the next day but not without a nice chunk taken out of our wallet.

Then, this past weekend my computer got a virus. My friend, who is computer savvy, graciously spent hours with me trying to fix it, all to no avail. I had to take it to the geek squad at Best Buy, where they were going to charge me close to the cost of a new computer to fix it. Instead, we had them salvage our pictures and files and got a new computer.

Just when I thought I was past those issues, my refrigerator decides to start leaking. We've had it for most of our marriage, so its time for a new one. I made a trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart. It doesn't look like we are getting out of debt anytime soon. Another friend said problems come in threes, so I've met my quota, at least for awhile.

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