Sunday, August 31, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin's Experience!

Liberal Talking Point #1--
Governor Sarah Palin doesn't have enough experience to be McCain's VP.

Every time I hear the liberals whining about Palin not having enough experience I just laugh. I keep thinking of what my Mom said, "I can't believe they are saying this with a straight face."

Newt Gingrich is on a roll. First he came up with the extremely popular, "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less" campaign. Now he does an awesome job of pointing out how Palin has more experience than Obama. I heard him talk about this on Hannity's radio show but he basically says similar things in the above video when he was on Fox. Take the time to watch it. Below I will try to list the points that he makes in the video.

Newt Gingrich's great case for Palin's experience:
First of all, Palin has 8 years of Executive experience as Mayor and Governor. Obama has none.

Second, she has 2 years of Military experience being in charge of Alaska's National Guard. Obama has none, and before you dismiss 2 years of being in charge of the National Guard, read the following:
"Alaska is the first line of defense in our missile interceptor defense system. The 49th Missile Defense Battalion of the Alaska National Guard is the unit that protects the entire nation from ballistic missile attacks. It’s on permanent active duty, unlike other Guard units.

As governor of Alaska, Palin is briefed on highly classified military issues, homeland security, and counterterrorism. Her exposure to classified material may rival even Biden's.

She's also the commander in chief of the Alaska State Defense Force (ASDF), a federally recognized militia incorporated into Homeland Security's counterterrorism plans.

Palin is privy to military and intelligence secrets that are vital to the entire country's defense. Given Alaska's proximity to Russia, she may have security clearances we don't even know about.

According to the Washington Post, she first met with McCain in February, but nobody ever found out. This is a woman used to keeping secrets.

She can be entrusted with our national security, because she already is."
Third, she has a diverse background of experience as a professional journalist, city council woman, Mayor, Governor and Mother of 5.

Fourth, she has gotten a lot done and has an incredible record for only being a Governor for 2 years. She has vetoed 300 spending proposals and has an 80% approval rating in Alaska.

Fifth, she knows what she thinks and is very articulate, attractive, passionate, idealistic and courageous. She has shown enormous courage with her oldest son going off to serve in the military and her youngest son having downs syndrome.

Sixth, she is a very competent person with a compelling story.

Seventh, she should never be underestimated. She defeated the incumbent when she ran for Mayor and she defeated the incumbent Republican Governor in the primary before going on to defeat the Democrat in the general election.

I have started a Governor Sarah Palin link section in my sidebar. If you find any good Sarah Palin sites that I don't have, please let me know.

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