Thursday, August 07, 2008

Democrats vs. Republicans on Energy

The Republicans are insisting that the issue of high gas prices be dealt with and they are staying in Washington until it can be. They want Congress to be called back to vote on the issue. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is on her book tour and the rest of the Democrats are on vacation.

Republicans want to drill off-shore and increase our supply domestically so we aren't dependent on foreign, middle-eastern dictators for our oil and so we can lower the price. While we increase our supply, we can also work on alternatives to oil.

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What do Democrats want? It varies, Obama wants you to fill up your tires with more air. After you pick yourself up from laughing and shake your head in disbelief, you fact check his statement. Gateway Pundit found out that Powerline did just that and found out that it would only take 11,308 years of proper tire inflation to equal the amount of oil that we want to drill for here in the U.S. The sad part about this is, this man is running for President. Yikes!!

Other Democrats want you to invest in alternatives that may never work or may take decades to bring viable results.

These liberal Obama supporters want $10 a gallon gas and higher so that no one can afford it. Single Moms don't need Mini Vans and you don't need your vehicle. They want less supply and more demand so that no one can afford to to purchase gas.

In conclusion, Mike over at Mike's America made the above video to remind everyone who is responsible for today's gas prices. If you voted for a Democrat in 2006 you are partially responsible for today's high gas prices.

Action Center:
--Call your Representative or Senator and let them know how you want Congress Called back for a vote on drilling
--Sign the petition to Call Congress Back
--Visit the new GOP Site--Don't Go Movement

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