Saturday, July 12, 2008

What is Iran Doing?

Could it be that Iran's missile test last week was nothing but a huge fraud? In Dee's comment section, one of you asked "why"? Why would they fake two of the four missile launches. Just to make them look scarier? Perhaps so, but could that be the only reason they did it?

I guessed the whole thing could be a fraud and perhaps none of it is real. Looks like I could have been right. It seems they may have only launched one missile that was older and out of production, but the great question comes into play again, WHY?

Soon after Iran faked their big scary missile launch, there were reports that Israel was practicing war drills at U.S. bases in Iraq for a possible attack against Iran. Now they are saying those reports may have come from Iran. Seems fishy to me.

What happened after Iran tested their old missile? OIL PRICES WENT UP! This begs the question as to what Iran is doing. Are they playing games with us to prove to other countries or to others within their own country that we won't go after them because oil prices will skyrocket? Are they simply dumb to think Israel and America will just jump into war with them based on news reports? I think they know we check things out first. I think it is because they want the world to think that we are a lame duck because of the oil crisis and that they are in a good position right now. They are also having a great time observing how much power over oil prices they have.

I think Iran and all of our enemies are privy to the fact that the liberals have put us in a hole regarding oil and war.

Due to the many years of this incessant, ignorant desire to save the caribou and ban drilling on our own territory we have arrived in the year 2008 unprepared to take on the oil crisis. On top of that the liberals and the drive by's have made America look weak by telling our enemies that Bush is a war mongering idiot for going into Iraq and that we are more concerned with what other countries think about us than our own survival. The liberals have done the enemies work of making us, the superpower, look weak.

Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Syria and other enemy countries are watching very closely and are planning as they see the liberal-socialist movement growing within our country. They have observed how it has weakened us and are waiting to see if it will bring us to the point where they can make their move.

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