Thursday, July 17, 2008

Obama Skating On Thin Ice

Dee should be back posting soon, so hang in there folks!

What is going on with the Obamamessiah obsession these days? I thought he was the savior who had the magical ability to send chills up legs with each word that came out of his mouth. Now it seems the chill is becoming a painful charlie horse.

Not only are some of the Senate Democrats calling him arrogant, as mpinkeyes suggested in yesterday's post, it seems as if the Washington Post has become disillusioned with him lately as well:

BARACK OBAMA yesterday accused President Bush and Sen. John McCain of rigidity on Iraq: "They said we couldn't leave when violence was up, they say we can't leave when violence is down." Mr. Obama then confirmed his own foolish consistency. Early last year, when the war was at its peak, the Democratic candidate proposed a timetable for withdrawing all U.S. combat forces in slightly more than a year. Yesterday, with bloodshed at its lowest level since the war began, Mr. Obama endorsed the same plan. After hinting earlier this month that he might "refine" his Iraq strategy after visiting the country and listening to commanders, Mr. Obama appears to have decided that sticking to his arbitrary, 16-month timetable is more important than adjusting to the dramatic changes in Iraq... (Full story here)

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