Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Obama Is Dangerous

John Bolton declares: Obama presidency would be dangerous. He fears Obama would hamper Israel's war against terrorists:

Bolton expressed concern Obama will not support the use of force to fight terrorism by U.S. allies, such as Israel.

"Obama may cause a real problem with our friends or allies who see the world as a more difficult place, such as those dealing with terrorist acts in Gaza, the West Bank or Hezbollah in Lebanon," said Bolton.

"All these things can be handled by talks, according to Obama. But when it is necessary to resort to force or self defense, Obama would look on in disfavor," Bolton said.

I agree. I think Obama will be dangerous in regard to the war on terror period.

I also think Obama will further the killing of babies inside and OUTSIDE the womb. Obama voted against a bill in Illinois that would have protected babies after blotched abortions had they survived. There are many liberals who voted for the bill because they believed that was infanticide and that is going too far. Read here for the whole article and read Obama's response.

My readers know I am not a McCain fan, but it is what it is and he is a much better choice than Obama all the way around. There are a few issues they are the same on but for the most part the abortion issue, the protection of Israel and the protection of America are issues I know he is solid on. SCOTUS is an issue I hope he will be conservative on and at least he is saying he will nominate solid judges.

In light of what we do know about Obama it is crucial we don't try to punish the GOP by not voting this November. If we don't go then we don't vote for our congressmen and women either. If we write in a candidate for president then Obama gets the edge. If Obama were moderate it wouldn't be such a big issue, but this is a no brainer, he is dangerous.

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