Monday, July 14, 2008

New Yorker Magazine Cover is Offensive to Conservatives

I know that Rivka has already posted on this issue, but I still wanted to post my take on it. Rivka is right, the real target of this New Yorker cover was conservatives, not Obama.

Here is my take:

By now anyone paying attention has seen the New Yorker Magazine cover with Barack and Michelle Obama. Even those who don't pay attention must have seen the cover by now, you can't get away from it. Still I must give you my take on it.

Barack Obama's camp has called the cover "tasteless and offensive", John McCain agreed; "We completely agree with the Obama campaign that it is tasteless and offensive."

And you know what? I agree. The cover is tasteless and offensive, but the wrong people are being offended. Maybe I shouldn't say the wrong people, I understand why Obama would be offended, I understand why McCain is distancing himself from it, but Obama was not the target of the cover, conservatives were. Sure some people will look at that cover and think it is accurate, some will look at it and believe it is an attack on Obama, but it isn't. Will it hurt Obama in the long run, I seriously doubt it.

This cover is an attack on us "angry right wingers" who see the Obamas in this light. This cover was an attack on those who oppose Obama. This cover is basically saying that this is the way that those of us on the right see Obama. See, we are not allowed to oppose him on the issues. He is perfect, so it must be something else. It must be that we are the ones who portray Obama in the caricature on the New Yorker cover, they are just bringing it to the light of day.

It is getting to the point where Barack Obama is untouchable when it comes to debate. We are supposed to simply fall in line. If you question him on an issue, you must think the New Yorker picture is accurate.

I have been attacked several times on this blog for being critical of Barack Obama, the people who do the attacking don't care that I also am also critical of John McCain. They don't care that I am not voting for either of these candidates. Opposing Obama is not allowed. You must be a neanderthal to oppose Obama.

Presidential races are about debating ideas and issues but in this race we are not allowed to debate Obama without being portrayed as believing that Obama is the caricature shown on the New Yorker cover. That is offensive.

So yes, Obama is offended, rightfully so, and conservatives should also be offended, rightfully so.

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