Friday, July 11, 2008

Global Warming Led to 'Black Hawk Down'

Once again I read a story and say, "now I have heard it all," when it comes to this global warming fraud. This time the story comes from my southern neighbors in Massachusetts.

Rep. Ed Markey, who just happens to be the chairman of the House Energy Independence and Global Warming Committee, whatever the hell that is, is blaming global warming for the "blackhawk down" incident in Mogadishu. Isn't it so rewarding to see where our tax dollars are going?
In Somalia back in 1993, climate change, according to 11 three- and four-star generals, resulted in a drought which led to famine,” said Markey.

“That famine translated to international aid we sent in to Somalia, which then led to the U.S. having to send in forces to separate all the groups that were fighting over the aid, which led to Black Hawk Down. There was this scene where we have all of our American troops under fire because they have been put into the middle of this terrible situation,”

And all this time I was blaming Bill Clinton. Who knew? It was global warming all along that led Bill Clinton to cut and run with his tail between his legs like a little child who had just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Okay, global warming didn't send the yellow streak down his back, but he wouldn't have had to go to Somalia in the first place if it wasn't for global warming. Global warming just exposed this yellow streak. Don't blame Bill, look in the mirror. What a joke!

But just look at the reaction this stupid comment got from the children he was speaking to.
Katrina woke me up and made me pay attention,” said 17-year-old Danielle Wold from Harvey, La. “One of the worst disasters in history made me want to do something. In 100 years, New Orleans could just be another Atlantis

This poor child is being indoctrinated into this mindset, correction, she has already been indoctrinated into this mindset, and she has no clue as to any other perspective. She has been taught that global warming is real and is man-made. And according to Markey it is and there can be no more debate.
There now is no question that this harm is being caused by human activity,”

Yet more reaction from the brainwashed:
Fifteen-year-old Stephen Bordes from New Orleans called on lawmakers to do something to end global warming. “Cutting carbon emissions is mainly in your hands since you pass the laws,” he said. ‘You basically control climate change. We should have changed yesterday, but it’s too late to change yesterday so we should start now.”

We are losing this battle, and we are losing it fast. How are we supposed to offer any opposing viewpoints when from the moment that our children are entering our government controlled (read public) schools until the day they graduate as "adults" from our government controlled (read public) universities that this scam is real? We can't. We can try, my boys know my feeling on this issue. They know it well, but is that enough? I am not sure.

The problem is exasperated when you read Ed Markey's position that this is the cause of the new generation.
Markey finished his talk by comparing the debate against global warming to the 20th century fight for women suffrage. “Back 100 years ago, women rose up and said we want the right to vote, and they were successful,” he said. “Now, you are like the green generation and you are rising up and saying we must ensure the planet does not suffer the worst consequences of climate change.”

In his eyes the global warming scam is equal to woman's suffrage, yeah right. But you know what? This type of thinking is what is being taught to our children. Everybody wants to feel like they are part of something. Everybody wants to make a difference. And our children are being taught that not only can they make a difference when it comes to global warming, but that it is necessary that they do something.

It makes them feel good, and after all isn't that what the left is all about, "feeling good?" This is yet another example of the alarmists using a disaster (even if it was 15 years ago) for political gain. And yes, global warming is a political issue, not a scientific one. And I find it disgusting that anyone would use the loss of American lives for such a contrived issue.

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