Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Code Pink Navy Invades Washington Marina to Protest Iran Sanctions

Code Pink demands actually make war more likely.

One of the best ways to avert war with Iran over the nuclear issue is for a united front on economic sanctions on Iran. The U.N. Security Council has
passed ever tighter sanctions (2006, 2007, 2008) against Iran for failure to comply with demand that Iran cease it's uranium enrichment program.

Collectively and individually our allies have publicly expressed a desire to use sanctions to avoid military conflict by raising the cost of Iran's refusal to obey the U.N. order.

Even Barack Obama supports sanctions as part of his plan for a diplomatic offensive on Iran.

So, on the same day Iran test fired a barrage of missiles, why did the Code Pinkos gather together their little peace flotilla and begin protesting at 7 AM outside the houseboat of Democrat Congressman Gary Ackerman shouting "NO SANCTIONS ON IRAN?" Ackerman has introduced legislation in the House of Representatives for stronger sanctions on Iran.

Apparently, Code Pinkos insist that talks alone would solve the problem. But Iran has already rejected talks with plenty of carrots attached. What delusion do these "peace" protesters suffer that causes them to think that somehow more talks would solve the problem?

Or don't these "peace" protesters care that Iran is developing ever greater missile technology and is on the road to possessing nuclear weapons. I thought "peace" groups opposed nuclear weapons and related weaponry? Or do they only oppose such technology in the hands of the United States?

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