Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Barack Obama Movement: "It's Organic"

(Posted by Rivka: Guest blogger for Dee)

The Hillary and Barack tin foil hats are getting together in living rooms all over the United States to "unite for change". (The picture above is not the actual meeting, just a cool tin foil hat pic I found at Michelle Malkin's website .).

Here is some of what the grassroot "think tankers" of the B. Hussein Obama movement said at one of the meetings:

Here in Missouri, friends and neighbors gathered to discuss local issues and express their support for a new brand of politics. At one particular meeting in Saint Louis, the excitement was palpable. As they walked in, attendees were greeted by a large orange sign that read "Change to Win" -- a reminder of Barack's strong union backing in the area. By the time things got underway, supporters filled the living room and lined the walls.

They listened intently, as the hosts began the meeting and played a video that highlighted the importance of grassroots activity along with Barack’s vision for the campaign. As the DVD reached its conclusion, Debbie, who was one of the hosts of the meeting, offered her assessment:

I think my favorite word was "organic"… because that’s what this movement is. It’s organic.

As she spoke, heads around the room nodded in agreement.

Soon, people began to discuss what motivated them to take some time out of their weekend to get more involved. Katie was one of the first people to share, indicating that Barack’s refreshing approach to government was a big draw for her:

The way he operates is how politicians are supposed to act… When he speaks, it’s never "I will" or "you will", it’s "WE will".

As more people became involved in the conversation, the discussion began to take on that same organic quality Debbie had alluded to earlier....

And to think we could be entrusting our nation to that kind of mindset.

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