Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday Smorgasbord

Toon Hat Tip: Wordsmith

1) Jimmy Carter Trys to Justify his meeting with Hamas. I talked at length about my buddy Carter on the radio show yesterday. I happened to see an advertisement for a documentary about him and I had to keep myself from being physically ill. It described him as being the "conscience of a nation". I'm not sure that Carter even has a conscience himself, so I'm not sure how he could be one for the nation. I'm so sick of his terrorist appeasing ways that I'm beside myself.

He was snubbed yesterday by Israeli leaders and even refused security help. Sorry, but I couldn't help but grin a little. There happen to be consequences when you decide to have meetings with terrorist organizations.

2) I am still stunned that Michael Johns got voted off American Idol last week. It appears that everyone else was as well. Everyone on the show looked stunned, including Michael Johns himself and the judges. We were all blind sided, no one saw it coming. It was the first time he had even been in the bottom three. He was my 2nd favorite but I was still pretty upset. There were so many other people that deserved to go home before him, especially Syesha and the annoying David Archuleta.

There is a rumor that he already has a record deal but I couldn't find anything to back that up.

3) Yah, trumped up class warfare is going to help McCain with the Conservative base!!

4) Barack Obama reveals that he is a snobby elitist (like so many other Democrats) and he gives us a glimpse of how he feels about the average American. I heard all the drama surrounding this over the weekend but didn't hear what he actually said until yesterday. I have to say I was pretty offended. It is unbelievable what some elitists really think about those of us who live in "fly over country". I loved how critical Hillary was of Obama about this, as if she doesn't have the same mentality.

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