Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Smorgasbord

1) Hillary's List of Lies

2) A Comparison--What your taxes would be like under a President Obama, Hillary or McCain.

3) Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, by Ben Stein--Stein does an excellent job of taking on Darwinism in his new movie. He exposes how no is allowed to even challenge evolution, it is supposed to be accepted at face value, no questions asked. There is no room for other theories. Free speech is allowed in every other venue of life except in this area.

4) Kansas City Slides Farther into Socialism with another Smoking Ban!!

5) Rice says she has no interest in being the VP candidate--This is one of those "I told you so" moments. I talked about this on the radio show this past Monday and I said there is no way she is interested in this. She flatly turned down the presidency, there is no way she wants the VP spot. Especially, the article had said she was actively campaigning for it, I'm so sure!! Rush thinks this idea was floated by the Democrats.

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