Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Conservative Base, An Abused Wife?

"Ask any of these activists, or even his Senate colleagues, and they say that despite his voting record, one never knows what McCain might do.

Devine, for instance, thought about whom McCain might appoint to the Supreme Court.

"Who knows?" Devine said with a shrug."

I know this post doesn't tow the party line and won't make some happy but I haven't boarded the Straight Talk Express yet and what I have to say in this post expresses some of the many reasons why. I have to get a lot of this out of my system before I'll be able to reconcile whatever good I can find in McCain. I'm still waiting to see the type of candidate he will pick for Vice President.

I talked about this article on McCain's domestic issues and then McCain's foreign policy speech at length on the radio show this past Monday. The red flags are all over the place. He is supposed to be wooing us right now but instead he continues to flip us off. Yet, every where I turn I have people urging me that he is so much better than Obama and Hillary and making all kinds of excuses and justifications for him.

My wonderful Pastor let me vent to him for quite awhile this past Sunday and I think at the very least I entertained him. He sympathizes with where I am coming from although, he doesn't find it near as hard as I do to pick McCain over Obama and Hillary.

McCain's Senate record not always conservative
On domestic issues he is saying that he has never raised taxes (that makes me laugh), thats real convincing for a Republican. He supposedly now says that he will extend Bush's tax cuts even though he was one of the very few Republicans who voted against them BOTH TIMES!! He now uses the noble excuse he did it to be fiscally responsible but at the time to use his own words against him he used liberal speak to justify why he voted against them. Not overly inspiring.

On immigration, the issue that had Conservatives foaming at the mouth less than a year ago, you don't get worse than McCain. Do you let a Wolf guard the sheep pen??

On Supreme Court Justices, you can see the quote I have at the very top of the post, I'm with Devine, Who knows?? This is exactly the problem. My big thing in voting for a reliable Republican is you could trust them on Supreme Court Justices, National Defense and World View issues (this is why I liked Rudy). I'm not sure on all 3 of those with McCain except for maybe 80% on National Defense. Mainly, it comes down to the fact that we don't know and know we probably can't trust him.

McCain Details His Foreign Policy
You know, you hear that McCain is going to give a speech like this and you hope that its going to be good and that you are finally going to be able to jump on his bandwagon but oh, no!! He has to rub more salt in the wound. This is my HUGE PROBLEM with him. Rush called this speech, "The New Europe Address". He said it was John Kerryesque and for good reason. What do you even do with this? I had so many problems with it. Here is an excerpt of what Rush had to say:
"Good grief, not even Bill Clinton would sign on to Kyoto and now Senator McCain wants to. Do you notice a theme here? The theme here is that there's nothing special about America, and that we're not going to be able to do anything without involving other nations and making them like us and showing them that we intend them no harm and that we want to be good stewards of the planet just as they want to be good stewards.

The problem is that so many other nations, even some of our allies, have totally given themselves over to kookery on this whole global warming, Kyoto mess. We and other nations of the world must get serious about substantially reducing greenhouse gases. We need a successor to the Kyoto treaty. We must lead by example. There's no leadership here. The leadership here is, "I'm going to lead this country into getting along with everybody. I'm going to make sure that they like us."

Bottom Line: I feel like Conservatives are in an abusive relationship right now and they are the abused spouse. We are like Tina Turner and we just say, "Hit us again, Ike". Why? Because we have no other options. There are no other choices for us. We can't leave, we can't pick someone better. So we're told that we have to stay, that we can't do any better and that for the good of our family that we have to suck it up and endure it the best we can. The beauty of it for McCain is that he can keep on being arrogant and abusive because he knows we have no where to go.

The problem for him may be is that many may still leave any way, even with no place to go. He may want to reconsider how plentiful he dishes out the abuse.

I heard some of Tammy Bruce filling in for Laura Ingraham this morning and she was making some wonderful points. She said exactly what I've been saying, who John McCain picks for VP is KEY!! She was being sarcastic about him saying that he wants to have someone picked before September.

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