Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The McCain Debate

“He stabbed his own president in the back on legislation, a number of times. He doesn’t support his party or his president when the chips are down. He called people who want to protect the border racists, nativists, protectionists, and worse. And what kind of character is it that tries to slide all that through under cover of darkness, in a back room.”--Rush Limbaugh (Hat tip: Wordsmith)


Patrick has already decided to jump on the McCain bandwagon but unlike others he respects those of us that haven't decided yet. I have absolutely no problem if you disagree with me. I'm very aware that we all have very different opinions and life would be boring if we all thought the same. What I do have a problem with is people questioning motives and being condescending and hostile if they have a different opinion.

James and I disagree on a lot because he is a flaming liberal and I'm a conservative. Yet, he and I have a great respect for each other, are friends and have great discussions and are bonded by humor. I've known James since day one of my blog and we've been able to maintain a relationship. So there is no reason why we can't disagree as conservatives without attacking. I'm not going to hold back what I feel about McCain but I'm not going to attack any blogger personally who feels they need to support him.

Here was my response to Patrick on one of his posts on my thoughts on the subject:
I don't have a problem with you supporting McCain, I just like the fact that you have said in the past that you respect those of us who aren't sure that we can.

This has been an EXTREMELY DIFFICULT week for me. My dislike for McCain goes back 8+ years. It is very deep and very personal for me. He has shown no regret for betraying conservatives over and over again. It isn't just one issue, its like 10 plus his attitude that he has contempt for us.

When Mike met McCain a couple of months ago he asked him what he would say to those of us that were really upset at him over the gang of 14 decision. McCain's answer was that if we were upset about that then we shouldn't vote for him. Unbelievable arrogance!! Its a little difficult for us all now to turn in lock step and support someone who doesn't even seem to want or care for our support.

The odds are likely that I will eventually pull the lever for him but I'm a little irritated at those critics (not you) who expected me to fall in lock step behind McCain the night of Super Tuesday. I was devastated that night. Conservatism lost and there is no hope of it returning for 5 years at the earliest. When someone experiences a loss like that they can't be expected to turn around and automatically jump on the bandwagon. It doesn't work like that.

As you know I am a HUGE lesser of 2 evils person but I never thought I would be stuck with someone as despicable as John McCain. How we ended up with the 2 most repulsive candidates out of the 5 that we had to pick from is beyond me.

I also am not opposed to disagreements. If you are able to jump on the McCain bandwagon this early thats fine. I just have been really ticked off at all the condescension and arrogance that has been directed at me this week by others because I am not falling in lock step. If they want to disagree with me thats fine, just don't do it in a hateful, arrogant way.

The biggest indicator for me is going to be who McCain picks for VP. If he picks a really stellar conservative then its very likely that I will vote for him. But if he picks a loser it will be hard. There is a little difference between him and Hillary/Obama but not much. And the BIGGEST PROBLEM I have with him is his lack of character and trustworthiness. I have no idea how he will govern.

Anyway, thats just my 2 cents!!


Gordon sent me one of the best emails the other day on how conservatives can cope with what we are dealing with. I thought it was worth posting:
It seems you and I share the same bitter pill that many thinking conservatives are swallowing this cycle. I feel both disappointment and yet I feel optimism that the above situation exists at all. I remember the 'misery index' of those 'Ford/Carter' years and I felt then like a "voice crying in the wilderness" - i.e There was no talk radio, no Moral Majority, no bloggers, I hadn't started reading National Review yet, etc etc.

But today we have all of the above and the discontent will increase and if we, as conservatives should, believe in the law of supply meeting demand - and greater still believe in the sovereignty of God - as you mentioned - then we should pick our chins up from our chests, scour the local landscapes for valid candidates on the local and state levels and get to work for them -- or even possibly take on the role of becoming a local candidate. Conservatism never dies!

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