Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Mike's America: Why I am Voting for RUDY!

But why I am not endorsing him in the SC Primary!

Rudy Giuliani visits Mike's America in July with this campaign appearance in Bluffton, South Carolina. Rudy explains his 12 Commitments to America in the 95 degree heat to an overflow crowd gathered at the waterfront. Photo by Mike's America

With the Iowa Caucus just hours away and 18 days before the South Carolina GOP presidential primary, I felt it's past time for me to get off the fence and declare my support for Rudy Giuliani as President of the United States!

It's been a tough decision, there are a lot of good candidates out there and it's been my privilege to meet and question many of them personally as they visited the South Carolina Lowcountry. You hear a lot of talk and a lot of promises at these campaign events. But always in the back of my mind the question that needed answering most is "can you get any of this done?"

There are many fine qualities that I look for in a candidate, but the most important can be summed up in one word: LEADERSHIP. And that's the essential key to a successful presidency that I believe Rudy Giuliani possesses in spades.

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