Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just in Case someone is still considering voting for Mike Huckabee

I did some research on where Huckabee is on some of the issues for my brother who lives in South Carolina and will be voting on Saturday. I thought I'd put it in post form for anyone who is still on the fence.

1. Education:

A) Against school vouchers, in his own words.

B) Endorsed by the National Education Association (aka Teacher's Union) in New Hampshire.

2. Club for Growth (a conservative think tank) gives a rundown on Mike Huckabee's record on economic & school choice issues by citing Huckabee's own record.

3. Mike Huckabee's active lobbying to pardon Rapist/Murderer Wayne Dumond.
--A video ad on the pardon

4. Cato Institute (conservative/libertarian think tank) rates all the Governors and in 2006 they gave Huckabee an F based on "23 objective measures of fiscal performance".

(Side note: I didn't realize until looking this up that my Governor was the only one to get an A :-). And we have all these one issue voters here in Missouri who don't want to re-elect him this year, sigh....)

5. Wikipedia on Huckabee

6. His foreign policy views in his own words.

--Another article about his foreign policy

7. For Federal Smoking Ban (aka sliding into socialism).
--He has since retracted this position. I think it was a case of realizing how unpopular it is. It doesn't instill a lot of confidence either way.

8. His campaign appears to be aligned with a group that is responsible for some of the extremely negative push polling.

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This article,
An Open Letter From An Arkansas Evangelical, is a must read. As an Evangelical, politically active, homeschooling father from Arkansas he lists 7 key reasons that he cannot in good conscience support Mike Huckabee as the Republican nominee for President. Here are his 7 reasons:

1) Governor Huckabee did lasting damage to the Republican Party and conservative movement in Arkansas.
Governor Huckabee's non-stop clemencies continually hindered the work of criminal prosecutors and miffed Republicans.
Governor Huckabee's pattern was to ignore immigration laws, often in the name of Christianity.
4) Governor Huckabee was no friend to fiscal conservatives in Arkansas.
5) Huckabee left a long trail of ethics questions while Governor of Arkansas.
6) Huckabee's education record shows him to be an advocate of the "status quo".
7) Huckabee has very little support for his Presidential bid here in Arkansas.

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