Thursday, January 31, 2008


"Don't give up your ideals. Don't compromise. Don't turn to expediency. And don't for heaven's sake, having seen the inner workings of the watch, don't get cynical."

--Ronald Reagan, in 1976 when he barely lost the Republican nomination. He said this in a speech to his loyal, teary-eyed supporters.

So after my little pity party I'm picking myself up and several things have come to mind.

First of all, Reaganism and Conservatism is not dead. Lets not get over dramatic and go this far. It may not win this election cycle but it will rear its head again in 2012.

Second, it may be a long shot but I'm not giving up hope that Mitt Romney may be able to stop the McCain train. I and many other conservatives will be casting our vote for him on Super Tuesday and we can't be silenced. I'm also contacting the Romney campaign to have someone on my radio show next Monday represent his campaign.

Third, for whatever reason Republicans picked pathetic Gerald Ford over Reagan in 1976 and Bob Dole in 1996. Both times they were huge mistakes that cost us the election. And believe me, John McCain is a Bob Dole/Gerald Ford ALL THE WAY!!! I have no confidence that if McCain gets the nomination that he will win the general as so many liberals are predicting. In fact, if Obama gets the Dem nomination there is NO WAY McCain wins.

No matter what we still have hope. Conservatism and Reaganism is around for another day. We may not have a victory this time around but I don't think this was cut out to be a Republican year anyway. But here's to hoping for a groundswell of support for Governor Mitt Romney next Tuesday.

Check out Ann's column on McCain which is priceless and right all at the same time. And Gateway Pundit has an excellent post on how even in Florida Conservatives did not vote for McCain. He also did a good job of highlighting last night's debate which I couldn't bring myself to watch. Seeing Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee and John McCain on the stage with only Mitt Romney on the side of sanity did not sound appealing to me.

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