Monday, November 19, 2007

What are You Thank-ful For?

The above video is Jordin Spark's hit song, Tattoo. It is #17 right now and her CD is coming out tomorrow. She won American Idol this year and was my kids and I's favorite. We are looking forward to the CD.


I talked on the show today about how I am thank-ful for our freedoms. I am thank-ful for the freedom to:
--worship God in the way I choose
--speak my mind without fear of censorship or punishment
--have the family that I want (no 1 child policy here)
--educate my kids how I see fit (no oppression here like in Germany)
--pursue the American dream
Most of all I am thank-ful for God and our soldiers who make these freedoms possible.

The list of things we should be thank-ful for are endless. There is so much in life here in the U.S. that we enjoy and take for granted that others don't have. Today and this week, reflect on all your blessings, be thank-ful, relax and enjoy the abundant life. Then, take the time to help out someone in need and provide a blessing for them. Perhaps by helping out the troops this Christmas season.

In the comments' section let me know what you are thank-ful for and what you are doing to bless someone this season. If you leave a link on a project on how to help the troops or some other worthy cause I'll add it to the post.

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