Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tv Shows, Hollywood and Conservatives

After a long week I thought it would be fun to talk about my favorite TV shows. I haven't talked about movies or Tv in awhile so its time to indulge.

1) Women's Murder Club--I'm busy, so if a new TV show is going to stick with me it has to be pretty good. If I don't really like it within the 1st or 2nd episode I dump it. Women's Murder Club is a new show and I love it. The reason I decided to give it a try is because I'm a huge fan of Angie Harmon. I first noticed her on Law and Order and she was by far my favorite of all the female prosecutors. Then I found out that she was a conservative in real life and I was really impressed ;-).

The show is based on a series of books by James Patterson. It is about 4 women--a homicide detective, an assistant district attorney, a medical examiner and a newspaper reporter. They are all friends and while you watch them solve crimes you also get a glimpse into their personal lives.

2) Big Shots--This is another show that has been able to keep my attention. I started watching this show because I'm a huge fan of Michael Vartan. I miss getting to see him in Alias. Many times I don't do well seeing someone from one popular show in a different show but Vartan transitions well and I like his character on this show.

I must admit there isn't much redeeming value to this show, it is purely entertainment. Vartan and McDermott especially do a great job.

3) Survivor and Amazing Race--These are the 2 reality shows that my kids and I watch together. Survivor is taking place in China this year. We don't have a favorite team on Amazing Race yet but I do know I'm extremely irritated with the overbearing father and how he treats his daughter so far.

4) Grey's Anatomy--This show is extremely enjoyable and there is so much about it to love. It is deep and you love all the characters, flaws and all. I finally get what all the fuss is about McDreamy and McSteamy ;-).

5) Prison Break--Nothing can compare to season 1 of this show because it was pure gold! But I do think season 3 is a little better than 2. There is something about them being in prison again that works for the show ;-).

6) Private Practice--This show is a spin-off of Grey's Anatomy and its very good, especially for a spin-off show. Kate Walsh and Tim Daly are exceptional in this. It is hard to see Paul Adelstein in it though because he plays this nice therapist whereas in Prison Break his character was a vicious assassin. Quite the contrast.

All my other shows--Lost, American Idol and One Tree Hill will start at the beginning of next year if the writers strike ends soon. It looks like 24 won't be on until summer and most likely not till next fall.


Steve and Incognito both did interesting posts on how Conservatives are still afraid to come out of the closet in Hollywood. Incognito has a great perspective on this being an actress herself. She has this link on which corporations give to Republicans and which give to Democrats. They both link to this article which shows that apparently Adam Sandler, Joel Surnow, Robert Duvall and Kelsey Grammar are all supporting Rudy and of course, Chuck Norris is supporting the Huckster.

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