Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday Smorgasbord

Here is a quick rundown of some posts/articles I found interesting.

1) Would Susan B. Anthony Tolerate Hillary Clinton?

2) Rudy Giuliani Gets "Dan Rathered" By NYC Firefighters Here is an excerpt of Gateway Pundit's excellent post:
You must read 911 Families for a Safe and Strong America to get the truth about these lies against Rudy.
You may not hear this in the news, but:
- The walkie-talkies used on 9-11 were the old ones.
- The FDNY uses the radios Rudy ordered- today.
- There are still no radios currently in existence that will overcome all the obstacles and atmospheric conditions that detract from communications while operating in high-rise towers.
-Rudy never arrested any firemen family members for protesting
3) Kerry is attempting to disprove Swift Boat Claims This is going to be enjoyable to watch. It reminds me of OJ looking for the "real killers". My response--good luck with that ;-)!!

4) Krauthammer hits a home run with his analysis of Bush's impact on the U.S.'s alliances.

5) Voters, not polls, make or break the candidates.

6) Ron Silver is my kind of liberal, it is too bad there aren't more like him. Here is just a small excerpt of what he had to say:
As far as I can tell, my politics, with regard to American foreign policy and projection of American power haven’t changed very much from what they’ve always been—what I would call revolutionary liberalism. I have always resisted reactionaries from the left or right, Democrat or Republican. At the moment, the reactionary forces on the left, the Democratic netroots and their supporters—Mickey Colitis from the Daily Cuss, MoveOn.org and the Moores and Sheehans—are more fearful to me than the traditional reactionary forces of the extreme right. And the Democratic Party seems to be listening to them.
7) I am going to submit a sample essay to be a part of Midwest Voices at the KC Star. Let me know if you have any ideas on what would be a good subject to write on.

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