Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Presidential Candidates

Video Hat Tip: Born Again Redneck

I have to admit that when I found this Fred video over at Patrick's I was almost giddy. Fred is responding to Huckabee's baseless criticism of his stance on a Federal Marriage Amendment. Fred's response, "I guess Gov Huckabee goes on about these amendments because they are the only conservative positions that he holds." As my buddies on "That 70's Show" would often say, "buuuuuuuuurn!!" This is the Fred that I love and that I wish we would see more often.


Hillary may have a lock on the Democrat nomination but the Republican side is still very fluid, like never before. Missouri is a perfect example. Here are the different top Republicans and who they have endorsed:
Governor Matt Blunt & former Senator Jim Talent--Governor Mitt Romney

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder--Fred Thompson

Senator Kit Bond & Representative Jo Ann Emerson--Rudy Giuliani
I think my Congressman Sam Graves is playing it safe and hasn't endorsed anyone as of yet.


James and I had a great time on the radio show yesterday talking about all the candidates. Once I have the link to the podcast I will link to it so those of you who missed it can listen. The producers liked James and thought the whole discussion was entertaining.

My favorite comment by James was probably what he had to say about Dennis Kucinich. He said something along the lines of (paraphrasing here), "if you look like you got beat up every day of your grammar school days I don't have a whole lot of faith in you that you can handle foreign affairs as President." I had a good laugh over that, so true!!

James also conceded that while he doesn't like Rudy he understands why he might end up being our nominee. He also brought up that Fred is a better actor than a speaker in real life and I have to admit that he may have a point.

James and I work well together and I think we would make a great Hannity & Colmes team.

Article Hat Tip: Mike's America

Before I had James on the show I talked about this article. Kudos to Kyle-Anne Shiver who is one of my new heroines because I love what she has to say and how she says it. She talks about how Mr. Mark Penn (Hillary's Campaign Strategist) says that a poll reveals that 24% of Republican women will vote for Hillary. Here are some excerpts of what Shiver has to say about that:
Clearly, Mr. Penn is either purposefully spinning or indulging in a rather perverted, nearly delusional form of magical thinking.

We Republican women are far, far too smart to fall for Hillary Clinton's ruse. We are not the mindless ninnies that vote with the Special-Interest Express. We think for ourselves and vote for the candidate of our choice based on merit. We cast our precious votes for the candidate we believe would be the best President, not the one with an "emotional" appeal aimed at our womanhood.

But I think Mr. Penn has been hanging out with Democrat women nearly all of his life and maybe doesn't know one whit about the female portion of the Republican Party. For all of his astounding political prowess, he probably thinks that women who think like Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Janice Crouse, Melanie Morgan, Sandy Rios, et cetera, et cetera, are just very successful aberrations of a sort, and that the rest of us have done absolutely nothing all of our lives but stay home, bake cookies and let other people raise our children while we watch The View. (I personally don't know any woman who has ever seen that show, but I hear they have some really great cat fights, and that occasionally one of the women even makes a coherent statement.)

Most of the women I know have spent a great portion of their lives -- in addition to raising fine American citizens -- doing volunteer work in our communities trying to put band aids on the myriad of social problems that have become epidemic in the wake of Democrat social policies. Unwed motherhood. Broken families. Absent mothers and fathers. Broken government schools. Sex education that teaches nothing but how to do a great imitation of an alley cat in heat.

These mostly Republican women are still trying to make sense out of a political Party that would so strenuously object to pornography filters on public library computer terminals, while exposing their seven year-olds to lessons in how to put on a condom. These "soccer moms" (a phrase coined by Mr. Penn) give hours each week to Crisis Pregnancy Centers that offer actual help to young girls whose boyfriends flunked the condom lessons, but got the alley-cat impersonations down perfectly. These conservative women are providing meals to homeless shelters and holiday celebrations and gifts for those in need. These women are a veritable army of soldiers on the front lines of social decay, fighting not with the empty rhetoric but with actual labor to right real wrongs.

So, when Hillary Rodham Clinton wails about those in our midst who have been "invisible" to Republicans, we women stand, with our mouths agape and our consciousnesses fully raised, in utter incredulity. For "the smartest woman in the world," she comes off as pretty darned dumb or blind. You pick.

From where we're sitting, Mr. Penn, it looks like you and Hillary don't get out of your little self-created bubble enough. We Republican women are plum full of emotion every time we see Mrs. Clinton put on yet another female face for the cameras, but it isn't the kind that you ever want to be with in a dark room alone.

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