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My Take on Mitt Romney

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Mike has made me green with envy because he has now gotten to meet Duncan Hunter, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson and just 3 days ago he got to meet Mitt Romney. I guess those are the perks of living on Hilton Head in South Carolina. After Iowa and New Hampshire the best place to be during primary season is South Carolina.

Mike, Wordsmith and I were talking about Mitt Romney in the comments' section and Mike emailed and asked what I thought of Romney's answer to his question. Here was my lengthy response:
I'm a bad person to ask about Romney, I just don't like him and my biggest problem is I don't believe anything he says. Its like that teacher on Charlie Brown, Blah, blah, blah........ I watched him talk and like you said it is a laundry list of what conservatives want to hear but I don't get the sense AT ALL that he really believes in what he's saying.

My other big problem is I know someone who knows him well. He asked her numerous times to come and work for him. He wanted her to be the person to persuade evangelicals to his side and she didn't feel like she could do it because she felt she would be deceiving people.

I find it awfully hypocritical that he is being hard on Rudy on the very things he himself is also vulnerable on. My friend that knows him led the Massachusetts' fight to ban gay marriage there and she basically had to twist his arm to get him to go out on a limb for them. He eventually did it but not without a lot of prodding. It almost makes you think that had he not been planning on running for president he may not have done it period. That kind of mentality does not inspire me.

Another issue is what you point out, what would he ACTUALLY DO once he was president? The way he rattles off that list you almost get the sense that all those are negotiable. Whereas with Rudy he kicked butt while he was Mayor, he actually got things done. I don't know that Mitt got that much done as Governor.

I also sense in Mitt the same arrogance and condescension that Huckabee has although it isn't as bad. Especially when he attacks Republicans. As you know I am not a fan of one Republican bashing another unless its Ron Paul, I agree with Reagan 100% on that.

For me, it is coming down to Rudy and Fred. I am torn between the 2 and have signed up on both websites for their updates. Since the last debate I have been leaning more towards Rudy just because I'm not sure Fred has what it takes to be president. I would be ecstatic if Rudy won and picked Fred to be his VP. But as I said in my latest post I am a little concerned about the Ron Paul factor.

As for the Robertson endorsement even though I am by no means a fan of him I do think it was good because it gives evangelicals the green light to support Rudy if they want too.

Right now people are saying it is a 5 way race between Romney, Rudy, Fred, McCain and Huckabee. I tend to think it is a 3 way race between Romney, Rudy and Fred. I am concerned about how well Romney is doing in Iowa and to be honest some have mentioned a Romney/Huckabee ticket and that just makes me want to puke.

Obviously, I will vote for whoever the Republican nominee is but if they want me to campaign for them it better be Fred or Rudy otherwise I won't be able to muster enough enthusiasm to campaign. I sacrifice a lot during campaign season and I'm not doing that for someone I'm not thrilled about. I will probably spend my time on the cloning thing and local races if thats the case.
Wordsmith linked to an article entitled, Romney Secrets The Media Are Hiding From You, in Mike's comments section. The column backs up a lot of my points and reveals my gut instinct distrust of him to be similar to that of Huckabee. Here are just some small excerpts, but make sure to read the whole thing:
1. Mitt is a liberal. How do you think he got elected to the most left wing state in America? He was as pro-abortion, pro-gay agenda, pro-gun control as Ted Kennedy when elected governor. He was pro-choice when he was elected and pro-abortion when he left the governor's office. When he was elected governor, the Baked Bean State did not have gay marriage. When he left, it did. When he was elected, Massachusetts had a Republican governor for nearly two decades. When he left, it didn't. What it had was a Hillary disciple who is now transforming the Cradle of Liberty into an amalgam of the Soviet Union, Sodom and Las Vegas. Imagine what Mitt could do as president.

3. I thought he was pro-life? Romney's Massachusetts health care plan says "no." The plan covers abortion. What kind of Pro-lifer thinks abortion should be part of his health care plan? Romney signed this bill into law after he claims he had a discussion with an anonymous Harvard doctor wherein he discovered abortion was morally wrong.

Would it be too cynical to suggest the Harvard doctor was a PHD at the Kennedy School of Government who gave him a lot of computer printouts on Republican voters showing they don't like abortion? Was it then he "discovered" abortion was wrong ( i.e. the wrong position for a conservative presidential candidate)?

Unlike Reagan who had a true turnaround on abortion, Romney has ping-ponged back and forth on this issue for years. As a 1994 U.S. Senate candidate, he said he had believed for nearly a quarter century that abortion should be "safe and legal." Yet by 2001, the Salt Lake City Tribune quoted him as saying, "I do not wish to be labeled pro-choice."

A year later, running for governor in Massachusetts, Romney was definitely Pro-choice and promised he would not touch any abortion law. During a candidate's debate, he was so firmly Pro-choice, he renounced an endorsement from Massachusetts' Citizens for Life.

But last year in South Carolina, a modern day miracle occurred. Romney declared, "I am firmly Pro-life...I was always for life."
I have always thought that Romney and Huckabee were less trustworthy than Rudy or Fred but this article confirms it. Romney tells you what you want to hear but I have absolutely no confidence that he will follow through on any of it.

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