Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Crazy Week

If you haven't seen Amazing Grace yet you have to see it. It just came out on DVD this past Tuesday. I'm having my kids buy it for me for Christmas ;-). It is my #2 movie (after Braveheart) of all time. If you don't see any other movie this year see this one. For me it is so moving and inspirational because William Wilberforce never gave up his fight to end slavery. He fought against it with passion, conviction and perseverance.

Things are crazy right now. I haven't done a good job at visiting blogs lately or even responding to comments on my own blog. Here are just some of the reasons why I'm exhausted:
1) A friend came over to help me make my front yard presentable (at least not white trash looking ;-)) so that I'm not completely embarrassed when the Fox reporter comes to my house in 2 weeks.

2) Activities with my kids--Speech, OT, PT and Vision therapy for my youngest son, Awana, sewing class and Karate

3) Interview for Radio show

4) Republican Central Committee Meeting

5) Visited a close friend in the hospital after her surgery, took her a meal (that my husband made) and took her daughter to an activity my kids were going to also.

6) I had another friend's 3 kids sleepover so her and her husband could have an Anniversary night.

7) Taking my oldest daughter to get a passport for her missions trip this summer.

8) School with my kids

9) Getting things ready for my son's birthday party

10) Blogging, bills and the list goes on!
Life is like a roller coaster, it is fun but tiring!!

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