Friday, November 09, 2007

Life Can Never Be Made Perfect

Photo Hat tip: Right Wing and Right Minded

I must confess I was a little distressed yesterday at all the Ron Paul signs I saw in an itty bitty town I was passing through. My kids and I went on a field trip to Ft. Osage which is a fort that was founded by Lewis and Clark. It was a great trip but I couldn't get over the Paul signs. Has the entire town been visited by aliens and brainwashed?

Then I saw this post over at Wake Up America and I've seen the insane amounts of money he is still raising on the internet. While I still think Ron Paul and his supporters are mostly nut jobs I am now getting concerned about him running on a 3rd party ticket. There is no way he gets the Republican nomination but if Rudy gets the nomination and Paul runs as a pro-life 3rd party candidate we may be looking at a Hillary presidency. Hello, Ross Perot Jr.

As I was thinking about all of this I stumbled upon this awesome column by Jonah Goldberg entitled, Do What You Can and Be Willing to Compromise. He makes the excellent point that liberals are willing to make progress one step at a time but conservatives often fall into the all or nothing mentality. Here is his conclusion:
There is another course for conservatives: Simply do what you can, where you can, including supporting the most conservative candidate who can win and succeed in office.

Meanwhile, writes Voegeli, it “makes sense for conservatives to attack liberalism where it is weakest, rather than where it is strongest.”

Unlike the utopianisms of the left, conservatism is defined by an understanding that this life can never be made perfect. So you state your ideals and then you compromise when life gives you no other choice. Pry free the bricks you can, loosen the ones you can’t, and make peace with the ones you can’t budge, until you can.
My plea to conservatives is please don't be one issue voters in 2008. Not only will you make absolutely no progress on that one issue you care about but you will sabotage everything else you believe in by letting Hillary walk into the White House. Whoever gets the Republican nomination may not be your ideal candidate but you will still be making some progress on issues you care about. Your other options are to either not vote or vote 3rd party and both of those will assure Hillary a victory where you will make zero progress on anything you care about.

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