Friday, November 02, 2007

Life and Politics!

An FYI for my new readers, whenever I do a personal post I often post a pic of Jennifer Garner/Sydney Bristow. I'm a huge Alias/Sydney fan and I love her because she takes on the enemy with no backing down. Perhaps, one could say I like to kick butt politically like she does physically ;-).

First, its been a crazy week. I started off the week being sick. I crawled out of bed to do the radio show Monday morning and then went back to bed and wasn't feeling better until Tuesday night. I'm still not 100% but I'm muddling through.

Second, I'm dealing with teenage drama at my house. It is normal stuff but I would appreciate any prayers sent my way for wisdom ;-)!

Third, I went to 2 meetings about CWC (Cures Without Cloning) yesterday. As many of you know CWC submitted an amendment to go on the ballot in 2008 to close the loophole in Amendment 2 that allows cloning. Robin Carnahan, our very liberal Secretary of State, butchered the amendment when attempting to summarize it to be put on the ballot. As a friend of mine in one of the meetings said, "Does she understand the word summarize?"

The grassroots effort on this is mobilizing. The difference is stark between how we will gather signatures and how Amendment 2 supporters gathered signatures. The Amendment 2 people were from out of town and were paid to gather signatures and were very manipulative and outright lied to people about what they were signing. My husband and I both directly asked if Amendment 2 supported embryonic stem cell research and we were both told no, when in fact it did. Both of us were smart enough not to sign it but many were not and got talked into signing something they didn't agree with.

On the other hand, CWC is training people to be very honest
about what is in the amendment we are gathering signatures for and we will even give people a website and information on what the amendment is actually about.

While Chelsea (from Reflections of a Paralytic) and I may have our disagreements we are totally in sync on all things pro-life. She always has the latest on what is going on with the cloning debate here in Missouri. Here is a link to her recent posts.

Fourth, I have 2 fun interviews coming up on my radio show. This next Monday, November 5th I'll have my first official liberal guest on, the one and only James Manning. Tune in for fireworks as we talk about the various presidential candidates.

Then on Monday, November 12th I am very excited about having State Representative Doug Ervin on the show. He is my favorite Missouri State Representative and I'm thrilled to have the honor to interview him. We will be talking about health care, just one of the many issues on which he is a mover and a shaker on in Jefferson City.

Fifth, I've been asked to be interviewed by a local news station for an upcoming special. Yah!!

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