Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hillary and Rudy

The above cartoon was too good, I couldn't resist posting it.


Hillary has been taking a beating the past 2 weeks and it has been nice to see her finally having to answer some difficult questions.

It is hard for me though, because I have little faith that Hillary will ever be held accountable for her corruption and her lies. When Bill Clinton was in the White House it seemed that he could do anything and get away with it. Hillary seems to be able to do the same especially with the help of the Drive By Media. Although, I guess Tim Russert didn't get the memo that he wasn't allowed to ask her hard hitting questions. Wolf Blitzer has received it and it will be telling to see if he walks in lock step.


I went to my county's Republican Central Committee meeting last night and learned a lot and had some great conversations. I will post more about it later this week but I did get to talk to a guy that was representing Rudy's campaign. We had a really good talk and I am going to interview him sometime on my radio show.

When I came home I found this excellent post on Rudy by Hugh Hewitt entitled, The Charisma of Courage. I think he makes a lot of really good points. He says that when McCain drops out Rudy will gain a huge majority of his supporters because of his strength on national security issues. I hadn't thought of that but I think it is true. Here is his conclusion:
If Rudy wins that battle with Romney, the GOP will spend the next nine months reminding the values voters that Thucydides was right: "The secret to happiness is freedom, and the secret to freedom is courage."

Rudy needs to start talking about religious freedom and the right to be left alone to worship as you please. He will probably never win over the hearts of values voters, but he can appeal to their minds and to their real sense that a Clinton Administration and Hillary's judges would move to narrow greatly the space given to religious freedom in America. He can also speak to the idea of bringing order to inner cities where gangs prevent kids from reaching their adulthood, and schools that fail despite a thousand carrots dangled in front of them. As a candidate of ordered liberty and personal courage, Rudy can overcome the deep hostility of the values voters.

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