Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Smorgasbord

I am so exhausted that I was just going to post the above video but once I got on the computer I got sucked in. Too many important issues that I had to weigh in on.

1) Declaration of Independence--after finding the Gettysburg Address on You tube I thought it might be fun to see what other historical documents were on there. There were numerous renditions of the Declaration of Independence but I liked this one the best. There is a Hollywood one but I couldn't handle having to listen to liberals like Whoopi Goldberg and Michael Douglas reading it. It just kind of ruined the experience for me ;-)!!

2) Henry Hyde passed away yesterday. Hyde was a man who did a lot of good for this country and he went above and beyond in his efforts to protect the unborn. I hope to do some research on him and do a conservative profile on him in the near future.

3) Hillary gets a warm reception at Rick Warren's church. As if my respect level for Warren couldn't sink any lower. What is he smoking? Not only does he make a trip to Syria and endanger the lives of persecuted Christians there but he had Obama speak at a conference last year and now Hillary. Unbelievable!! I am beside myself about this.

4) More fallout from the CNN/youtube debate. CNN has lost whatever credibility they had left for being a serious news organization that is objective. Rush doesn't call CNN the Clinton News Network and the Communist News Network for nothing.

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