Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Smorgasbord

Video Hat tip: Born Again Redneck

1) Awesome Ad by Fred Thompson! He needs to do more of these.

2) Kathleen Parker's column on Laura Bush's Mideast Trip. Kathleen Parker even traveled with Greta, Robin Roberts and Laura Bush on her trip. She gives an excellent explanation for how ridiculous all the criticism was of her trip. Here is how she concludes her column:
In fact, breast cancer wasn't the only piece of Bush's mission. In Kuwait, four high school students participating in the U.S. State Department's English Access Microscholarships Program, part of the larger Middle East Partnership Initiative, spoke passionately about their experiences studying English, American culture and democratic principles.

The aim of the initiative, now in more than a dozen Arab countries, is to foster leadership development, economic growth, cultural understanding and women's empowerment. The Kuwaiti students, including two teenage girls, mentioned their newly gained sense of freedom and their hopes for a democratic future that sounded remarkably American.

If that's not successful diplomacy, I don't know what is.
3) Global Warming is the biggest scam in history. Truer words have never been spoken. Yet, according to Al Gore we aren't even supposed to question his great wisdom. According to Al, the debate is over and global warming is an indisputable fact. Many of us disagree and refuse to buy into the politically correct indoctrination by socialists who want to control our lives and tax us to death.

4) Time Magazine's Person of the Year. Once again Time Magazine is showing their unbelievable, disgusting liberal/socialism bias. These are their 10 options for person of the year:
1) JK Rowling
2) Al Gore
3) Hillary Clinton
4) Barack Obama
5) Steve Jobs
6) Vladimir Putin
7) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad aka Hitler Jr.
8) Condoleezza Rice
9) Hu Jintao
10)General David Petraeus
Apparently, Al Gore was winning until the JK Rowlings fans were alerted to the poll. Go vote so that the few decent people who are on this list get voted for.

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