Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dee's Linky Love!

One of the questions the Fox Reporter asked me was if I liked to link to other blogs. If you've read my site very long you know that the answer to that question is yes!! I may make the linky love posts a regular feature on my site along with my smorgasbords. So below you will find links to some of my favorite recent posts at other blogs.

1) 'Redacted' Grosses 25,000! by Amy Proctor. Amy's blog is a newer addition to my blogroll. Wordsmith alerted me to her blog and she has some great stuff.

This particular post talks about the despicable anti-war movie, Redacted. I love her first line, "Bottom line upfront: Redacted sucks". Amen!!

I also liked this post of hers entitled, Woman Aborts Baby & Gets Sterilized to Save the Planet. Socialism and hyper-environmentalism at its finest.

2) Stephen King Is A Total Prick by Grey Ghost at Politik Ditto. The title alone is a classic, but he also makes some excellent points. It is hard to know who comes up with more clever blog post titles, Wordsmith or GG.

3) Optimism Lives by Karen at Pondering Penguin. I literally just discovered Karen's site last night through Heidi. She has a great way of expressing herself and not only was this post great but anyone who touts optimism is a kindred spirit of mine.

4) What's Your Elf Name? by RT at Public Pondering. I am such a sucker for these fun, meaningless quizzes. My elf name is Giggles Snaggle Tooth. What is yours?

5) Teddy Tells All at Grizzly Groundswell. Grizzly Groundswell is a group blog that I just discovered last night also. Some great stuff there and this post on Teddy by Stephen Kruiser is hilarious.

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