Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In Defense of Ann Coulter, Again!!

I am one of those people who once you win me over, I'm pretty loyal. Ann Coulter won my loyalty a long time ago and while I may disagree with her from time to time I'm not as willing as others to turn on her.

When I thought about the title for this post I was pretty sure I had used the title before, sure enough I had. I wrote the first post with this title back in March of this year when conservatives were again throwing Coulter under the bus for her comments about Edwards. What amazed me at the time is how willingly so many conservatives believed the Drive By Media's spin on what she had said without knowing the context.

I see the same thing happening now. Many conservatives are throwing her under the bus and even calling her anti-semitic. Grey Ghost found a wonderful post by Newsbusters explaining the controversy, I encourage all of you to check it out.

What doesn't surprise me is that Media Matters is at the heart of demonizing Coulter. In a matter of weeks they have spun a controversy for Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and now not surprisingly, Ann Coulter.

I get that she is a little too brash for many and some conservatives don't care for her. In one of Patrick's posts he had this to say:
"Her tendency to clown around and make outrageous statements is what makes her so amusing but sometimes she's like an embarrassing drunk trashy relative at a posh wedding."
I don't necessarily completely disagree with that statement.

Yet, my point would be that as conservatives lets not be so willing to take the Media Matters' talking points and run with them without knowing the whole context. Lets wait and hear the particular conservative's side of the story.

To further explain where I'm coming from I made the following comment in the comments' section:
I agree that we need to take the higher road and I think that the majority of conservatives do which enables us to continue to be trampled by mean spirited liberals at times .

Ann is just someone who is willing to take on liberals and not afraid of what anyone says about her. There is something refreshing about that. While I personally would never come close to saying some of the things that she says, I feel the need to defend her right to say it.

I know many will disagree with me, but I've decided I'm okay with that which is why I was willing to do the post and take some heat.
Second Addendum:
Heidi of Big Girl Pants made this excellent comment in the comments' section. I thought it was so good that it was worth adding to this post:
as i said over at right truth - or the jist of it anyhow - yes she could have said it differently, but that's not that important to me. she stands up for us and that is more than most conservatives are doing.

at what point did the high road involve allowing people to use us for a doormat? when republicans and/or conservatives fall all over ourselves to apologize and make nice because someone is offended by what we say/do all we're doing is giving the impression that we were wrong to begin with.

this is fact. this is one the reasons the young in our country believe that republicans and conservatives are bad or wrong most of the time. i know - i have three of them and their friends are over at our house and i talk with all of them.

as christians we are supposed to stand up for what we believe in. even to the point of being hated by the world. why then do we think to stand up for our conservative beliefs - no matter how rudely someone has said them - is wrong.

i really don't care if the natives are offended. if more people stood up for this sort of thing, it would be less sensational.

but this is just my own humble opinion of course.

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