Sunday, October 28, 2007

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Facing Reality, Choice Review

I thought Fox did a pretty good job of doing an objective show on this issue. You'd never see anything like this on MSNBC or CNN, thats for sure. To start off I will readily confess that I have never been in a situation where I had to face a crisis pregnancy. I've only been pregnant 4 times and they were all when I was married. My 2nd child came along much earlier than planned and God had to help me rise to the occasion but nothing like what the women in the documentary faced.

That said, it was pretty sad seeing how so many women use abortion as a form of birth control. The 29 yr. old woman who had been pregnant 7 times made the right choice not to abort but her cavalier attitude towards pregnancy was alarming. She was pregnant with her 7th child and yet she didn't have custody of any of her kids and one of them had been born addicted to drugs. She confessed at the end of the documentary that she didn't know why she kept getting pregnant, just that she felt empty not being pregnant. The whole mentality was fairly alarming, she was hoping her and her boyfriend could stay off drugs and stay out of jail so she could keep her baby. I also know she isn't an isolated case, I've actually known women with this attitude and they keep having babies by different fathers.

I thought the situation with the young woman was sad and the fact that this was her second abortion was even sadder. I understand how easy it is for some of us to get pregnant but you can't use abortion for birth control. The time to make the right decision is before you get pregnant. I thought her justifications and rationalizations on how she thought she had made the right decision were just sad. I also found it sad that although her and her mom were "religious" and pro-life they really didn't seem to have that much of a problem with abortion. I also found it strange that while she was very upset during the procedure she was trying to say that wasn't reflecting her true feelings about it all, what???

When it came to the abortion doctor I was horrified when he said that he had done abortions on a girl as young as 9. The thought of a 9 year old having sex let alone getting pregnant and getting an abortion is just mind blowing. I also thought it was interesting how he tried to rationalize that he wasn't killing babies. Then, what exactly are you doing?

The couple that had the baby with the extra chromosone were the only ones who seemed to have a healthy attitude about everything. Life is left in God's hands, not ours.

No matter what your thoughts were about it, it was an eye opening experience into a tough subject.

The Truth About Haditha Review

Robin and I talked about the Haditha Marine case on my radio show a couple of weeks ago. Yet, it wasn't until I watched Sean interview Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt and his father Darrell Sharratt that I felt myself really getting angry. The fact that these Marines lived through hell the past year and a half because of a Time Magazine hit piece and a traitorous Congressman is beyond comprehension. The Marines have all been exonerated of murder and not only does Congressman John Murtha owe the Marines, their families and this country an apology, he should resign. If he had any decency he would resign after accusing his fellow Marines of cold blooded murder when they were doing nothing but protecting our country and our freedoms. I was telling my husband last night that if this had happened during the Civil War or World War II Murtha would be tried on charges of treason and rightly so.

Darrell Sharratt detailed how he has called Congressman Murtha 52 TIMES and only got one return phone call. I am going to be calling and writing Congressman Murtha on a regular basis until we at least get an admission that he was horribly wrong when he accused these Marines of murder. This is why Jason Mattera deserves hero status for his bravery in confronting Murtha on all of this.

If you didn't get to watch The Truth About Haditha on Sean's Hannity's America make sure to watch it when it re-airs tonight.

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