Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Best & Worst

I did a best of and worst of on the radio show today. I thought I'd put it all in a post.


Best TV Show Trailer--The 24 Trailer above
(I'm excited about Tony being alive but not happy about him being a bad guy. This looks like its going to be a great season. It will need to be to make up for the disaster that was last season. Also, Janeane Garofalo is supposed to be on the show this season. Many of us are grumbling that unless she's a terrorist who is tortured by Jack we are not happy about her being on the show.)

Best TV Show (this week)--Grey's Anatomy

Best Quote--"Our beliefs in religious freedom, political freedom, and economic freedom--thats what makes an American."--Rudy Giuliani

Best Smackdown on the Media--Arnold the Governator

Best You tube clip--Night of the Living Democrats

Best Article--Voters Need to Recall Democratic Defeatism

Best Special--The Truth About Haditha

Best Movie (that I thought about this week)--Amazing Grace
(I thought about this movie this week because I was putting it on my Christmas list when it comes out. I was replaying the promo for it and I looooove this quote, "You still have passion, that matters more."

Best Magazine--In Style

Best Blog (this week)--Born Again Redneck I obviously have a lot of favorite blogs and it was hard to narrow it down to one this week but I went with Patrick's. He and I come from very different backgrounds but are often politically in sync. He finds the best articles and found some awesome ones on Huckabee and Paul this week. He also scored bonus points by calling me his adopted blog daughter ;-).

Best Smackdown of Ron Paul--A tie between Michael Medved and Little Green Footballs

Best Bumper sticker--Hillary

Best News for the Judicial Branch--Judge Southwick Confirmed

Best Court Verdict--Lisa Montgomery gets the death penalty for the gruesome murder of Bobbie Jo Stinnett and for kidnapping her baby

Best Liberal Admission--Whoopi says Al Sharpton owes Duke Lacrosse players an apology

Best Book To Buy--Dinesh D'Souza's--Whats So Great About Christianity

Best Gut Instinct--Mine on Huckabee

Best Lawsuit--Father of Marine suing Fred Phelp's Cult

Best Quote by President Ford--"...Hillary wore the pants and Bill couldn't keep his zipped."

Best Chuckle--Clinton, a sex addict, ya think?


Worst Movie--Lions for Lambs
This is a politically correct movie bashing the war done by Robert Redford who is currently talking in Rome and other places about how there isn't freedom of speech here. I really wish we could send some of these socialist lefties to live permanently in Cuba, Venezuela or some other country where there actually isn't freedom of speech and see what they think. It is ludicrous to say that we don't have freedom of speech here.

Worst Protest Moment--Code Pink Chicks being drug from hearings on Capitol Hill

Worst Donation--Ben Stein gives money to Al Franken's Senate Campaign in Minnesota

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