Monday, August 06, 2007

State Senator Chris Koster Switches Parties

“Republicans are surprised that Senator Koster who has championed so many Republican causes, participated in leadership of the Senate Republican Caucus and served as a member of the Republican State Committee would decide suddenly that he is a Democrat. Chris is a personal friend of mine but I fear he has blinded himself with his desire for higher office and the hollow promises of Jay Nixon’s political machine rather than keeping his commitment to the constituents who elected him to represent them."

"I expect that Chris will resign from the Senate immediately and stand for election as a Democrat in a special election so that the people of the 31st Senatorial District have an opportunity to decide whether they want him representing them now that he has totally reversed his positions on important issues like gay marriage, Second Amendment rights and Medicaid reform."--Jared Craighead, the executive director of the Missouri G.O.P.
The big story this past week in Missouri Politics is that Republican Senator Chris Koster has switched to the Democrat party. As I've read numerous articles and posts on the subject one has to conclude that its pretty obvious why Koster switched parties, and it doesn't appear to be based on principle, but upon the lust for power.

Koster wants to run for Missouri Attorney General in 08 and when he looked at the political landscape he decided he had a better chance to win the Democrat nomination rather than the Republican one. I have to be honest, I find this pretty despicable. I also don't see this ending well for him.

He has managed to anger both parties with this move, so aside from the Teamsters and some trial lawyers I don't see him exciting too many Democrats. He may be pro-embryonic stem cell but so are the 2 opponents that he will face in the Democrat primary, one of whom has already asked Democrats to say no to him. And they have liberal credentials that are already widely accepted. Fliers have been sent out by Democrats decrying his conservative positions and even those that welcome him to the Democrat party don't want him to run in the AG race.

Just to be fair, were it a Democrat switching to the Republican side I don't think I would trust him either, not when it appears to be done purely for a grab at political power. I would trust those that I already knew were Republicans with genuine conservative beliefs.

This is a huge gamble on Koster's part but maybe he already has more support than some realize. John Combest points out where some of his support could come from. Yet, if I were a betting woman I'd bet that he is going to come out of this a big loser. The potential is high for him to lose both his Senate seat and the race for Attorney General. And if he wins, he will be known as one of the many politicians who loved power more than principle.

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