Friday, August 03, 2007

My Life.....

Overall my summer has gone pretty good. Its been busy in a good way. I have some good things and some frustrating things that I felt like venting about so indulge me with this personal post. If you need your daily dose of politics just check out my new post below this one.

Life Lessons

1) Never, ever join a book club, CD club, etc... The stress and energy I have had to invest in dealing with the repercussions of joining a book club has made me vow never to join one again. Not under ANY circumstances, no matter how good it sounds. One of the infuriating things about these clubs is they purposely make it impossible for you to contact them via phone. No matter what I did I couldn't find out the phone # until my wonderful friend suggested I call the Better Business Bureau. They were able to track the number down for me.

2) Insurance companies suck!! I know socialized medicine would be 20 times the nightmare and I would never, ever want it. Yet, dealing with insurance companies can be beyond frustrating. I've been having to deal with a claim that my insurance company refuses to pay for. I've had to make numerous calls and I'm getting ready to appeal. Its not fun and the first insurance chic I talked to about all of this had absolutely no heart and/or compassion. Today I found out her name so I can report her.

3) Your kids will never appreciate you enough while they are at home but every once in awhile they'll surprise you. A friend and I were talking yesterday about how Moms do endless things for their kids and make many sacrifices and it never seems to be appreciated enough. We were joking about one of the things that Mary Glynn Peeples(a Christian speaker) used to say in her tapes on "Living Above Your Circumstances". She relates how her adult son was complaining about how his son (her grandson) had kept him up the night before and he was so tired. Having had many a rough night with him when he was a kid she hilariously said, "I'm so glad I lived long enough to see you suffer."

My kids made the mistake once of complaining about how many chores they had to do. I shared with them just some of the many things I had to do while they were little and not able to do any chores. This was brought up again last night by my older kids and my youngest said, "Mom, you deserve a trophy or something." It was very cute.

4) My hell list! Whenever I survive something particularly difficult I've started adding it to my list of things that I'm convinced will be in hell.
1) Poison Ivy--Anyone who is extremely allergic to it will relate to this. I once got it while nursing one of my kids and so I was unable to get the shot. My agony lasted weeks and this is when I started the "hell" list :-).

2) Potty training pretend children--I potty trained 4 kids and lived to tell about it. Yet, when I was going through it they were "extremely stressful" weeks for so many reasons. Whenever I hear a parent talk about how easy it was to potty train their child I just want to gag!!

A friend of mine is currently potty training her daughter and it isn't going well even though she is more than old enough. I am totally empathizing with her.

3) Panic Attacks--For anyone who has ever experienced these you know what I'm talking about.
As I was relaying this list to my friend today she noticed that they all started with the letter P.

Funny Stuff

A cute story about my youngest son.
We went to an amusement park this past May. My youngest son was unbelievably persistent about wanting these devil horns that lit up. I finally told him that if he wanted to spend his own money he could get them. He gladly agreed and you should've seen his face light up once we got them. My friend and I were like, seeing the look on his face was worth it alone to get them for him.

Well, since then whenever he does something ornery the other kids sometimes call him the devil (like the turtle calls the raccoon on "Over the Hedge"). Its very cute except recently I'm thinking, somehow I don't want my son associating himself with the devil. So the other night he was doing something ornery and he says thats what he's supposed to do because he's the devil. I then tell him that he needs to want to be a good angel not a bad one. He then, very naturally says to me but "bad is what I'm good at." Sigh...

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