Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Smorgasbord

1) Alberto Gonzalez was the latest victim of the Democrat Hit machine. He may not have been the best Attorney General ever but he deserved a lot better treatment than he got. He fired 8 attorneys who weren't performing after Bush was in office for over 6 years. Clinton fired all the attorneys right after taking office. Somehow I'm not getting the scandal.

The only thing Gonzalez did wrong was not coming out and saying yes, we fired them because they weren't going after election fraud the way we wanted them too and there may have been some politics involved, so what? Its our right to do so. Compare Gonzalez to Janet Reno and its really hard to fathom why he was supposed to resign.

I have to say that I don't know how many liberals/Democrats sleep at night. When you look at all the decent men who they have drug their names/reputations through the mud all to score political points, its beyond despicable. It is a travesty the way Delay, Libby, Rumsfeld, Rove and Gonzalez have been treated just to name a few.

Mark Belling was filling in for Rush this week and he did an awesome job talking about this. He mentioned now that Rove & Gonzalez are out of the way they will come up with someone else to focus on and demonize. He is exactly right.

2) Senator Larry Craig needed to resign, yesterday. I often think that Republicans are too quick to throw their own under the bus but I can't throw Craig under quick enough. As Tom Delay said on Hannity & Colmes last night and our very own Mike from Mike's America has often said, Republicans kick their trash to the curb while Democrats re-elect theirs. I know that we need to wait until more is known but I think I know enough. The fact that there is more than one report of Craig engaging in this kind of behavior means that where there is smoke there is probably fire. I don't care whether Craig is gay or not, soliciting sex with strangers in a bathroom is completely reprehensible.

Many think that Mark Foley was the reason that Republicans lost in 2006 and I will not have the albatross that is Larry Craig hindering decent Republicans in 2008. We can do much better than Craig and I strongly urge him to resign. For once I agree with McCain, he needs to go.

3) Togi Radio finally has podcasts available for my radio show. So from now on if you miss it live you can go to their site and download it. Yah!!!

4) Brent Bozell exposes the extreme, liberal bias on the Morning shows. Even though we've known this for what seems like centuries it is still despicable. I was literally yelling at Matt Lauer on the TV last night when Fox played a clip of him telling Tom Delay that there isn't a double standard when it comes to Republicans and Democrats and scandals. Whatever Matt is smoking, it must be some pretty strong stuff.

5) When you look up Fund-raising Scandals in the Encyclopedia, you'll find a picture of the Clintons. It is pretty remarkable how many fund-raising scandals the Clintons have been right smack in the middle of and yet somehow they never get busted. Obama & Edwards may be incompetent but Hillary Clinton is corrupt to the core and this latest scandal is just the icing on the cake.

6) Fred Thompson to announce next week on Leno! Sign me up as a volunteer. I can guarantee you that I'll be snagging a Thompson bumper sticker and signing up to help in the near future.

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