Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cures Without Cloning

Awhile back I talked to a local State Representative here in Missouri who was active in the fight against Missouri's Amendment 2. He told me that if we could've had 2 more weeks we would've probably been able to defeat the amendment. The grass roots effort against the amendment which endorsed cloning and embryonic stem cell research was on fire and we were getting the word out about the extremely misleading amendment.

For that reason Missourians Against Human Cloning and other pro-life organizations are not giving up. A new group, Cures Without Cloning has been formed and they are trying to get an initiative on Missouri's 2008 ballot that would ban Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer which is the definition of cloning.

The KC Star's article on it details how it will be an uphill battle but one that many of us are willing to fight. I love how cloning supporters describe those of us who are for life as, "anti-cures zealots", "anti-patient and anti-hope". Can we be anymore hysterically misleading?

Suffice it to say that this "anti-cure zealot" will be getting involved to save life and to find cures without destroying life. If you live in Missouri and would like to help, go here for all the info. I have already signed up.

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