Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blogging The Surge

Iraqi, U.S. Forces build on residents’ stand against terrorism

BAGHDAD — Multi-National Division-Baghdad Soldiers operating in the Adhamiyah District of the Iraqi capital used to wager bets on what kind of attack they would come under when patrolling near the Abu Hanifa Mosque.

“We’d be like, 'I wonder what we’ll get hit with today?'” said Maj. Jim Schaffer of Cleveland, Ohio, a civil affairs team leader who has been based in Adhamiyah since February.

On Aug. 5, a group of citizens, fed-up with terrorist activity in their community, stormed the Abu Hanifa Mosque and expelled the insurgents, beginning a chain of events that led coalition forces to detain more than 50 suspected terrorists and seize five large weapons caches over the next two days.

“I think it was a tipping point,” Broadwater said.

Grizzly Mama is also reporting on Operation Phantom Thunder, and Bill T is reporting on Iraqi Citizens Making a Difference in Surge.

In other, related news - muslims are slowly confronting and rejecting terrorism in the name of Islam. NO TERROR is one such website that focuses attention on encouraging the citizen of Iraq to reject the 'ministrations' of hirabah in their midst.

NO TERROR - a website whose "mission is to expose the fallacy of the distorted and politicized Islamic teachings used by ungodly extremists to sanctify and justify terrorism. It has become crucial to inform the Muslim and Arab people -particularly the Iraqi people- about the deceptions terrorists employ in distorting the peaceful teachings of Islam. These terrorists, who claim to follow the Islamic Faith, are in truth only drowning in an abyss of mistaken beliefs."

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