Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Are Conservative Bloggers as "Hateful" as Liberal Bloggers?

Many thanks to Dee for allowing me the opportunity- along with two more of my favorite bloggers, Mike and skye- to blog-sit.

Gayle alerted me to her e-mail being read on Bill O'Reilly (Gayle: Do you recall what else you wrote in your mail?). It was in regards to an apparent segment involving the Daily Kos.

So, being out here on the westcoast, I taped the segment. I did buy a tvcard for my computer, but have not had time to figure out how to install it; so, if it's not obvious, I simply used my digital camera and videoed off of my archaic non-plasmic tv set, to share with fellow blogbuddies of the Dragon Lady:

In general, (IN GENERAL!!!), who is more "gentlemanly", respectful, and "well-behaved" in the blogosphere: The right-wing attack dogs or the left-wing moonbats?

You decide.

Remember: Keep your comments pithy; no bloviating.

As far as foul-language and vitriol goes, I'd give it up to the KosKiddies and their kith and kin. But then, that might just be because I'm unapologetically a partisan center-right pro-war-on-Islamic-terror 9/11 conservative blogger and noncard-carrying member of the vast right-wing conspiracy.

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