Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Stunning NY Times Confession

Toon Credit: Glenn McCoy

Conservatives everywhere are still trying to get over the shock of reading the NY Times' column, A War We Just Might Win. It was written by 2 liberals who are from the Brookings Institution (a liberal think tank, by all accounts). Normally, the NY Times makes a good bird cage liner but for once they actually told the truth and conservatives are left scratching their heads.

Previously on the radio show I've mentioned both Bill Kristol's column and Charles Krauthammer's who have been reporting on how successful the surge is already becoming. Yet, to read about it in the NY Times (which for all intents and purposes is a mouthpiece for liberals) is quite astonishing. Even if the columnists saw the progress in Iraq, to come back and voice their support is shocking since one would expect them to point out the 2% of bad news they may have found and focus on that.

I'm waiting breathlessly to see how liberals and weenie Republicans will try to spin this. This is awesome news for America, Iraq, national security and yet we know that Pelosi and her ilk do not view success in Iraq as a good thing.

If the surge continues to work and things continue to progress a lot of liberals are going to have egg on their face. Yet, I won't be holding my breath for their apology or admission that they were one of these people:
"Wave the white flag, if you will; but keep in mind, you'll probably look back and find yourself having stood on the wrong side of history, when the line in the sand was drawn, and when it mattered most."--Wordsmith
Also, U.S. Toll in Iraq Lowest in 8 Months.

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