Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ups and Downs

In the fashion of the Beltway Boys I'm going to give you who is up and who is down this week, LMC style!!


1) John Edwards--Former Kerry Campaign Manager, Democrat Bob Shrum trashes John Edwards. Jonah Goldberg calls Edwards a hustler in this excellent column.

2) Congressman (Cold Cash) William Jefferson--20 years later (or so it seems) Jefferson is indicted for the cash he had in his freezer. He is crying innocent but when they've got you on videotape, things don't look too good. And since Nancy "ethical" Pelosi isn't going to do anything, Republican John Boehner who is the minority leader is calling for Jefferson to be expelled.

3) Democrats in Congress--No shocker here!

4) Hugo Chavez, as he continues to try and supress those who want freedom in his country.

5) Joe Scarborough--Michelle points out that Scarborough used to be a conservative until he started drinking the MSNBC kool-aid. I love that line and agree wholeheartedly!


1) Fred Thompson--Things just keep looking better and better for this guy. Many Conservatives are hoping he comes through and announces his run next month.

2) Bush's Policies that helped foil the JFK attack--I love how this is being down played in the media. It really wasn't that big a deal. I'm sure those flying through JFK may have felt differently had the terrorists been successful.

3) Iraqi Women Soldiers--More provinces are turned over to the Iraqis and as usual the Drive By Media is silent.

4) France--For getting tough on illegal immigration. Even with Sarkozy in office I'm sure my praise for France will be scarce so take it while you can get it.

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