Saturday, June 16, 2007

Two of my Favorite Men--Fred Thompson & Peter Robinson

This past week was the 20th anniversary of Reagan's awe-inspiring "Tear Down This Wall" speech. Mike and others posted the video of the speech. I was reminded of the person who wrote that speech, Peter Robinson. Peter Robinson wrote my 2nd favorite book on Reagan after Peggy Noonan's, entitled, How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life.

So, when I saw this interview of Fred Thompson by Peter Robinson at Patrick's blog I was just ecstatic. What an awesome find! The interview is long but take the time to watch it. I have to admit the more I see of Fred Thompson the more I like him. At first I wasn't sure how much I liked him or how viable he was going to be. Both factors have changed for me. When you see Mary Matalin and Liz Cheney signing on as advisers I think the viability question is going by the wayside.

Also, Christian conservatives like myself are just waiting for him to declare, so they can throw their support behind him. I had a politically-connected friend who said at one time that she thought Fred didn't have a prayer at getting the nomination. I haven't heard her say otherwise but I would bet that she's changed her mind.

My plans are do a comprehensive profile on him early next week. He will be the first in a series of profiles on the presidential nominees. I also hope to talk about him on my first radio show.

For those of you interested in Fred's take on the immigration issue, go here!

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