Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday Smorgasbord

1) Michael Bloomberg Leaves the Republican Party--The above cartoon about sums up how I feel about Bloomberg. I have never cared for him and always knew that he was a Democrat in Republican clothing. He switched parties right before running for Mayor and was able to basically buy the election with his billions. As Mayor he has done nothing but expand NYC's socialist programs.

There is much debate about whether he will run for President in 2008 as an independent. He has the potential to be a Ross Perot race spoiler but the debate is which side would he really pull votes from? He is anti-war so he could likely pull votes from the Democrat side, of people who don't like Hillary. If Fred Thompson is our nominee I don't foresee much of a problem whereas if we have someone that Republicans are divided over there is more potential for Bloomberg to mess things up.

Bottom line: I'm not sure there is much to be concerned about. Bloomberg is very unlikable for various reasons and the odds are he won't even run.

2) Michael Moore's propaganda film, Sicko, makes even top Democrats ill--Again, the cartoon for this story says it all.

3) PBS banned it, but Fox News is airing the documentary, Muslims Against Jihad--Make sure to tune in tonight at 9 pm ET.

4) Mike Nifong "minister of injustice" has been disbarred after being found guilty of ethics violations and now faces criminal contempt charges and civil lawsuits. This story really deserved a whole post considering how fired up I have been about it, but I haven't had the time.

Bottom line: Justice has finally been served!! I talked about it at length on my radio show this past Tuesday. As Susan Filan points out, his punishment is extreme but appropriate. Here are some excerpts from her excellent article:
"For a panel of lawyers to strip another lawyer of his license to practice law is a rarity indeed. This is the legal equivalent of a unicorn sighting."

"Nifong had many chances to escape this fate, yet he never chose to do the right thing. Not once."

"Nifong finally admitted he made mistakes and violated the Rules of Professional Conduct under cross examination, but claims they were all unintentional and the result of getting a little “carried away.” Nifong was trying to spare himself. Nifong’s actions always serve Nifong. He used the Duke case to get re-elected, and he resigned to try to save his law license."

"I believe his tears were genuine, but I think he cried for himself, not for the damage he did to the public’s confidence in the criminal justice system, nor the damage to the three innocent young men whom he had indicted, nor the damaged reputation of Duke University or the sport of lacrosse. There are so many victims in this tragic tale of shattered lives. Not the least of whom is Nifong’s own teenage son who attended Friday’s hearing at his father’s request, only to see his father skewered on the witness stand, culminating in tears and resignation. Why put your own son through this? More of a ploy to gain sympathy, leniency, if not pity?"

The possibility that Nifong would be disbarred was real. But it took him until the bitter end to see what everyone else has seen for months. But his realization, admissions and resignation came much too late. When asked whether he still believes a crime was committed that night, he refused to admit that “nothing” happened that night in that house. He still believes “something” happened.

"This statement supplies the bitter evidence that he was talking out of both sides of his mouth. He wanted to save his law license, but he could not completely exonerate the three young men whose lives he could have destroyed."
Will Nifong even go to jail?

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