Friday, June 15, 2007

Michael Moore and Angelina Jolie

What do Angelina Jolie and Michael Moore have in common? Outwardly, absolutely nothing, but they have similar political views and they are both in the news right now and irritating the heck out of me.

I still remember the first time I got a glimpse of Michael Moore. He was on Judith Regan's late night show on Fox where she would interview authors about their new books. He totally looked like he had slept in his clothes, rolled out of bed, didn't brush his hair and just put on a baseball cap. Michael Moore's new movie Sicko is making me sick just having to hear about it. The only way it would be fitting is if it were a movie on his life. His movies are 100% propaganda and it irritates me that so many people are duped by his lies. I hope Sgt. Peter Damon is successful in his totally justified lawsuit against Moore.

As for Angelina Jolie, I'm sure most men drool over her but I have NEVER cared for her. There is something about her that I have always disliked, I literally have never had a desire to see any of her movies and I'm a big movie chick!! True or not I view her as the vixen that broke up a marriage. I also want to gag every time I hear about her humanitarian UN work. If you really want to do good, invest your money in an organization that isn't thoroughly corrupt.

I saw the preview for the Daniel Pearl movie yesterday and I was all excited to see it until I saw that she starred in it. Talk about my hopes being dashed. Then, to top it off she tried to ban Fox News "from covering the "Mighty Heart" premiere on the red carpet. It was only with the intervention of mortified Paramount staff that an FNC camera crew was allowed to be present." She also appears to be an elitist snob because she had her lawyer come up with a ridiculous agreement that she wanted all reporters to sign before interviewing her. Talk about a big time Gag!!

My plea to Angelina & Michael: PLEASE GO AWAY!!

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