Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lots of Good News!!

1) Albania loves the United States!! Albania gets what so many liberals do not, how much President Bush has done for the cause of freedom. Kudos to the Albanians for giving Bush a Hero's welcome!!

Mike did an unbelievably, excellent post on Bush's whole G-8 Summit trip. He had this to say about the above picture:
"A Bush Milestone: More Conservative, More Pro-American leaders than at any previous G-8! Go right down that row! Most of these leaders have been elected or re-elected in the last few years on a platform of more conservative, more pro-American policies! That's quite an achievement."

2) Bush has promised to veto the embryonic stem cell bill. Our president is getting a lot of flack for his stance on immigration right now but he deserves our praise when he stands by principle and does the right thing.

3) The Democrats crash and burn on their attempt to cast a meaningless, no confidence vote for Alberto Gonzales.

4) Fred Thompson and Rudy leading for the Republican Presidential nominees. My 2 favorites right up front!!

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