Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stuff to Check Out!!

Curt and Rob over at Flopping Aces have a small, side business selling bumper stickers. They are Awesome!! Go check them out! I put one of them in my comments section I liked it so much.

For the latest on 2008 election stuff check out these sites:

--Patrick Ruffini-2008 Wire

--Polling Report, 2008 election


--Real Clear Politics


I am all for being careful about what you say and being held accountable for what you say. Yet, I honestly find myself getting tired of how people respond to these offensive comments' situations. If a person shows on a consistent basis that they are a racist or are out of bounds they obviously should be fired. But I'm tired of this "gotcha" politics where we lie in wait for someone to say something out of line and then try to ruin their careers and crucify them over one thing they said.

I by no means am defending Don Imus. I think what he said was extremely offensive and there should be some consequence but this forced groveling by the likes of Al Sharpton is sickening. I don't know anything about Imus but from what I know he is a liberal and he says lots of outlandish things so he would be the last one I would defend or carry the water for. Maybe throughout his career he has earned being dumped but it shouldn't be for one offensive comment. I despise Howard Stern but instead of recommending his termination I just choose not to listen to his show.

Al Sharpton has absolutely no moral authority so his judgment of Imus is laughable. Wyatt did an excellent post (uncensored, of course) on this that sums it up rather nicely.

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