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My post on Bill Moyers' Propaganda piece on PBS caused quite a stir and I had a wide range of comments. One lady left a long comment with no link. It is your standard lecture with the theme of "Can't we all just be nice and get along?" It always sounds so noble and impressive until you take a closer look. There are many people who think like her and I think her arguments need to be examined so we can think about what the real consequences are of this way of thinking. Her comments will be in the black writing and my responses will be in blue.

I am a Catholic Christian. I'm Pro-Life across the board: anti-abortion, anti-euthanasia, anti-death penalty, anti-war. I don't see anywhere in the Gospels that would allow Christians to feel that taking the life is acceptable.

This does sound noble and consistent at first glance. Yet, there are several huge problems with this argument. When we are talking about abortion we are talking about innocent people that haven't done anything to warrant being murdered. I have never understood how there seems to be such a disconnect on why people are against abortion but for the death penalty. Its simple, babies are innocent but rapists and murderers aren't. When you start extending this further if we don't execute serial killers how many more innocent people might possibly die as a result? The death penalty can serve to protect many other lives from being snuffed out. I'm sure many would argue that they could spend life in prison. Yes, but while there they can also still murder and harm people in and outside of the prison. Bottom line is the death penalty probably serves to prevent more innocent people from death.

As for the anti-war stance this is just the epitome of being naive. Neville Chamberlain was also anti-war and what would this world look like today had he been listened to? We'd all be speaking German. Today had Bush listened to the anti-war activists we'd surely have had more terrorist attacks on our own soil resulting in MORE DEATH.

I don't consider myself to be pro-death penalty or pro-war but I consider myself to be pro-justice!! A loving God has to support justice being done or the wicked are allowed to run free and prey on innocent people without fear of consequence. War and the death penalty may seem cruel but they serve to prevent more innocent lives being snuffed out by those that are evil in our society.

The Bible speaks to good and evil and to justice. You say that the "Gospels" don't endorse the taking of any life. The Gospels are only 4 books out of 66 that are in the Bible. The Bible as a whole supports the death penalty and war when warranted. It never in any circumstances justifies killing innocent babies, therein lies the difference.

On some issues I said with "conservatives" and on some I side with "liberals". I am no fence sitter. There is no gray between right and wrong. I don't fall in the middle in my views, I end up agreeing with the extremists of either party.

Having said this I can honestly say that there is no "fair" news program. Bill O'Reilly is as strident as Bill Moyers. Sean Hannity and Anne Coulter are as unkind and vitrolic as Alec Baldwin and Rosie O'Donnell.

The big difference is that Bill Moyers is still pretending to be an "objective journalist" doing an "objective documentary". Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh are all very honest that they are coming from a conservative point of view except O'Reilly who claims to be like you, conservative in some areas and liberal in others.

No one in politics represents the Jesus Christ as represented in the Gospels, nor does any on air persona. Jesus would never attack people with the savagery of Anne Coulter. Turning over tables is turning over tables. Name one instance where Christ villiefied anyone and you cannot.

Why do you keep only bringing up the Gospels? Is that the only part of the Bible that you adhere to? Ann Coulter has never claimed to be perfect like Jesus. She's not a Christian spokeswoman either but someone who honestly combats the political correctness of the day and speaks her mind. I obviously think she's too harsh sometimes but when you get enough political correctness and liberalism shoved down your throat every where you turn you tend to want to combat it. Ann Coulter may not be the pillar of love and compassion but she does often defend justice and the truth and those are worthy causes whether you like how she does it or not.

Bill Moyers program about selling the war was dead on. Had this been Clinton's war and Brit Hume doing the same documentary (change the responsible parties) the conservatives would agree with the documentary and not have a problem with it.

The attacks against Clinton parallel the attacks against Bush.

I don't consider cherry picking and twisting things to say what you want dead on. Bill O'Reilly exposed on his program last night how Moyers was completely dishonest in how he did the program and completely took things out of context.

The simple fact is that it is all ungodly. We can cafeteria style pick and choose the Bible quotes that prove our point, but taken in its entirety even the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament was leading up to Jesus defining the laws of Moses and putting them into perspective. Jesus, not Paul, not Moses. If we look at Christ's life we would reject all of this partisan bickering, nationalistic fervor, and just count our blessings each day. We would nurture people first, and point fingers later.

I really hope that we can learn that as we point at others we have to question ourselves.

I am tired of partisan squabbling.

According to this logic if we just nurtured terrorists and didn't point our fingers at them we could all live in utopia. I'll try to remember that the next time they behead an innocent person or crash planes into buildings full of those who didn't deserve to die. This partisan squabbling that you so detest takes place because people are fighting for what they believe in. I'm not just going to sit back and let injustice reign.

The documentary is not "false" it rings true, but lest liberals dance in the street in vindication I ask: where were you when Clinton bombed only to act presidential during the impeachment? Where is your outrage when the sacred hoop of mother and child is broken for convenience?

I wish conservatives would criticize Fox news more, and I wish liberals would criticize NOW more.

This sounds all well and good but Moyers' piece shouldn't have been called a documentary. It should've been presented as a far leftist's view on The Media and the War as thats what it was. As for being critical of Fox News I will freely do this if I see something they need to be criticized for. I have not hesitated to criticize those on the right who I have had issues with namely John McCain and others. Right now I view Fox News as a beacon of light in a dark world. When leftists control all the main stream news channels, CNN, MSNBC, most newspapers, etc... its refreshing to have a channel that may lean a little to the right but always has both sides of the debate on their channel.

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