Sunday, April 29, 2007

LMC's Weekend Smorgasbord--Part 2

1) Alec Baldwin's appearance on The View. If you watch even 1 minute of the above video you will feel ill. It is the most pathetic, narcissistic thing I think I have ever seen. If you can stomach it, go here to see part 2. Parental alienation is a real thing and a true crime when it happens. In Alec's situation though, one has to wonder if Kim isn't keeping her daughter from him in order to protect Ireland from the very abuse that he displays on that voice message.

When he talks about how he is a victim of parental alienation and he's going to devote himself to this cause he just comes across as so ridiculous and unbelievable. We are supposed to believe that he doesn't care about acting anymore? He's writing a book, God help us all!! And the patting of Rosie and Barbara's knees was a little sickening. This did nothing to repair his image in my eyes, it just solidified that like many Hollywood actors, its ALL ABOUT HIM!

2) Bye-bye Rosie, don't let the door hit you on the way out! Joia called me Wednesday morning to share the good news, it made my day! After her latest stunt I was starting to wonder what it would take for her to get booted.

3) Jon Voight is proof that not all Hollywood actors are liberal nuts!

4) Our very own Skye went to the 2007 Pennsylvania Leadership Conference and got to meet Newt Gingrich!

5) Speaking of meeting famous people my friend Joia got to meet Billy Baldwin last weekend. When she first called to tell me that she had met a Baldwin brother I got all excited because I thought maybe it was Stephen, who is the Conservative Christian in the family.

No such luck, but she did have some funny stories to tell. The entertainment company that she works for had some stuff going on in Chicago and she got to meet him and several other people there. Of course, the weekend he's there is when everything was hitting the fan with his brother Alec. While he was waiting in the airport to come to Chicago he was watching CNN reporting on the Alec drama. When he looked down EVERYONE was staring at him. He realized he needed to get out of there, and fast! Then when he was leaving he told the group that he was going to have to go and cause some kind of scandal to take the media focus off his brother.

6) Go congratulate Timothy on little Joseph Nathaniel, who entered this world weighing over 10 lbs.!

7) My liberal buddy James is back and blogging again, go say hi!!

8) Hugh Grant gets arrested for assaulting the paparazzi with baked beans! I'm sorry but this story is just way too funny. Who doesn't want to assault the paparazzi? Throwing baked beans just shows how creative he is :-)!!

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